Ok, tell me ONE MORE TIME…

I’ve heard so much about getting older and not being able to remember shit.

Dammit.  It’s so true.  You might have heard I’ll be 50 soon (Here, let me help you out so you won’t have to search for ALL the posts about that little fact:  Here or Here or Here or Here or even Here.  GEEZUS!  It’s possible that turning 50 is weighing HEAVY on my mind!!!), and I’ve experienced memory loss a little more than usual lately.

I’m positive this wouldn’t help…I wouldn’t know what the strings were for!

Earlier this week (don’t remember the exact day) I was telling Mac that I’d love to talk to our friend of a different political persuasion about a specific issue in the election.  It was very important and I was passionate about the details.  I surely wish I could remember, a mere 3 days later, what I was so passionate about and why.

Mac did something really nice for me, and my words to him were: “Wow, that’s the nicest thing you’ve ever done for me!”  He replied, “Ever?”.

My response was, “Ok, how about this year?”  He agreed, since “Ever” was a very long time.

I really wish I could remember what it was he did that was so nice. On the other hand, maybe it WAS the nicest thing he’s ever done for me, cause I can’t freakin’ remember what the Hell he’s ever done apparently. (He is so gonna use this against me….)

I can walk into a room, on a mission to get something, and totally forget what I went in there for as soon as my feet hit the door frame.  On the other hand, I’ve picked up a lot of junk and put it where it goes.

I can start a conversation, have someone interrupt me and never remember what the conversation was about or where I was in the story.  Good chance it wasn’t important anyway.

I can ask you your name and before I can say it in my reply, I’ll call you someone else’s name.  And I might not know that person either.

I can read the same book several times.  It really cuts down on book club costs.

But I have a theory ~ I know, shocking!  You see, after 50 years on this planet, there is just SO MUCH INFORMATION in our brains that we simply don’t have room for all the non-important stuff so we just filter it out.

You know,  things we don’t need….like where our keys are….our children’s names….the dates of birth of our family and closest friends…..any phone number we’ve ever called (THANK GOD for phones with contact lists!!)….and my favorite,
“did I already tell you this story?”

So, when you look at me expecting an answer, it’s ok to remind me of the question.  I really won’t mind….because I’ve probably already forgotten that you even asked 🙂

By the way, I was gonna write this 2 days ago but I forgot all the good things I thought of when I was laying in bed the night before.  Dammit.


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