I need 4 years to get over this campaign…..

Holy Freakin’ Moly…is it really, finally over?

Please don’t misunderstand ~ I love these United States of America and am so proud, privileged and honored to be American.  And the right to vote is something I never take lightly.  The majority of people in this country have no memory of being  unable to vote and often don’t realize the importance of voting.  I get it.  I love it.  And I will always be at the polls to vote, no matter what.

BUT ~ HOLY FREAKIN’ MOLY!  It is really over, isn’t it?

I mean, 18 months of relentless ads, of name calling, candidate bashing and just plain lies on all sides.  It’s almost like every candidate is a 5-year-old that is trying to push the envelope to see how far it moves to the edge of the table before it falls off and we find out they are lying.  And I live with a 5-year-old so HEY!  I know what you’re doing!  Do they honestly think none of us EVER check out what they say.

(By the way….this is totally nonpartisan.  No matter who you voted for, who you were pulling for and who won, THEY ALL LIE!)

I swear, I got a 9 x 14 glossy, card stock flyer in my mailbox EVERY SINGLE DAY from a local candidate running for some race (I’ve long since stopped actually looking at his flyer).  I only wish I had kept them all and delivered them to his home today, with the message that he might have had my vote with the first 49 flyers in my mail box, but that 50-150 was overkill.

Billboards, yard signs, posters, flyers….they flitter around my head every time I go anywhere there might be people.    I have the almost uncontrollable urge to take my Sharpie and draw little mustaches and evil eyebrows on all the posters, but I don’t have that much time ~ do they really think a sign with the candidate’s name is going to help me decide who to vote for?

And at the polls yesterday, of course there were people there to hand out even more flyers, just in case I still hadn’t made my decision and needed that last-minute information so I could decide before I walked 10 steps inside and voted.

The amount of money, time, energy and resources spent on 18 months of a campaign is just mind-boggling to me.  It has consumed our nation, our hearts and our souls and I am so freakin’ glad it’s over.

My suggestion?  Candidates only have 3 months to campaign.  If they utter one word of campaign jargon before August 1st, they are automatically out of the race.

I could probably handle 3 months of campaigning, but I might still want to draw ‘staches and evil eyebrows on all the posters….


  1. . . . and the phone calls. Oh, dear gawwd the relentless phone calls. Even at 7:45 last night. Did they really think that if I hadn’t already voted they would have convinced me of something and gotten me to the polls at that point. Sheesh. SO glad it’s over.


  2. I also think they should be capped at how much money they can spend campaigning. With all the money thrown out there this last time, from Presidential campaigning, down to the last little town that had any kind of race, we could have probably wiped out half of our national debt! We have people in this country without jobs, homes, or healthcare, that are going hungry. I would have rather seen that money used on trash talking and advertising going to alleviate some of those people. That is my rant, and I am done now.


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