You’re as Young as you Feel

I love pink.  I mean, I really, really love pink!  Two rooms in my home are pink (Mac says he can’t go in the bedroom one without leaving a twenty on the table….(WTF?  $20??  Better be leaving a little more buster!) and if the decision was totally mine, there would be more pink rooms.  Hey….what the hell does he mean he should leave a $20 on the table?  Has he been somewhere that leaving a $20 on the table of a pink room made sense?  Hmmm, I’ll have to get back to you on that one.

I wear a lot of pink, too.  With my gray hair, it matches and actually looks pretty good. You know when you wear something and you get compliments every single time?  You’re thinking, “I’ll just wear this every day ~ people keep saying it looks good!”.  At least you wear it when you have to be presentable and want to feel good, because nothing makes you feel good like someone telling you that you look Marvelous, dahling!  And that’s anything I wear that’s pink….so over the years, my wardrobe has become pinkish.  Of course, the Tater is outfitted in pink Every. Single. Day.  She is a 5-year-old girl who loves pink as much as her Sasha.

I even wear pink eyeshadow.  WAIT! Before you widen your eyes in horror and smirk, know that it’s subtle…a pale pink lightly covering a small section of my eyelid….mixing with other matching colors…OH Damn, that sounded hokey even to me and I wrote it.

Anyway, I wear  a little pink eyeshadow now and then.  Did I mention it looks good with my gray hair? Well, it does.

I might even try this next time! (Ok, probably not, but that’s amazing!)

So here’s the part that I actually wanted to tell you about… loving husband, being the totally clueless, naive, and unknowing male, felt it important to comment on my pink eyeshadow.  He saw the eye shadow thingys on the counter and said, “Are you gonna wear that?”  (No, I just like to look at the pretty colors.)

“Why yes, yes I am honey.” (You clueless, naive man, you.)

“I think that’s for young people.”  He said with a totally straight face.

I just want you to know I exercised great control by staying calm and not screaming at him, or smacking his arm, or throwing the eye shadow.   (Yeah!  Now I don’t have to exercise today!)

No, I didn’t do any of those things.  I simply answered, “Yes, it is for young people” and continued to apply that beautiful pink eyeshadow and blend it in just so with the browns and cream colors.

And tomorrow?  Tomorrow I’m gonna wear DARK Pink Eyeshadow.   I know…I like living on the edge.  Just as long as there’s a nice hand rail for me to hold to when I’m climbing up to the edge, I’ll be just fine…..

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