Kick Ass Bucket List Found Here!

Bucket List….these words follow me around like the smell of cotton candy at the fair, the taste of tequila in the first margarita of the night or ugly lipstick that just won’t rub off no matter how hard you try.

I’ve written so many Bucket Lists that they all begin to run around in my head as the to-do list from hell.  I can’t get away from them ~ and every time I see some really fabulous new travel show/magazine/Survivor episode/too many pics on Facebook, I say, “Oh, I should add that to my Bucket List!”

What’s on yours???

But I want to write a REAL Bucket list ~ A REAL Bucket List would have things on it that would REALLY shake your world if you got to do them.  I don’t mean those same old things EVERYONE puts on their Bucket List…..Go to Hawaii (so go ~ buy a plane ticket, get on the plane, get off the plane – Boom!  You’re in Hawaii)…..Sky Dive (strap on a harness, strap on someone who knows what they’re doing and Jump out of a plane – No Problem)……Learn Spanish (Oh, for the love of Tequila, this one should be really simple!  I feel sure you KNOW someone who speaks Spanish.  ASK THEM!).

So, now I’m gonna create my REAL BUCKET LIST!  This is an ongoing list that would be the Kick Ass Bucket List ~ the one that ROCKS, the one that is SO OUT THERE that crossing ANY of these off my list will be A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.!!!

  • Appear as a guest star on NCIS as Leroy Jethro Gibbs Love interest.  I really like Gibbs better than Mark Harmon so saying I wanted to be ‘involved’ with Mark Harmon just wouldn’t work (Let me say that like I mean it).  AND if I was a guest star as his love interest, it’d just be ACTING!!  So, no worry about him liking me at all..nope, he’d HAVE to like me….caue it’s ACTING.  GOD, I love this.
  • Dance as a Rockette.  All I need to do is grow 6 inches, lose 100 pounds and learn how to dance.  Piece of cake!
  • Spend $1,000,000 in 24 hours.  Sorry, that’s just a joke.  And stupid.  Really Stupid.
  • Have Julia Roberts play me in My Life Story: “Lipstick, Margaritas and Hairspray ~ observations of a redneck, barefoot, rum and tequila drinking Southern Belle”.  I totally think she’s be perfect for the role.  I’ve been a redhead several times in my life.
  • Live on my own private island with every luxury known to woman.  All I gotta do is buy an island.  And a boat.  And a plane.  And have unlimited amounts of money for freakin’ ever.
  • Be a High School Cheerleader.  I could probably do a cartwheel….IF I was thrown off a high building by a Discus Thrower, twirling around and around and around before he tossed me over.

And one more, because it COULD be more possible than the others…for normal people…..

  • White water rafting.  Now I NEVER want to do this for real, but I just love the pictures of other people doing this.  It looks like Such FUN!  I can just see the smile in their eyes behind the terror on their helmeted heads.  And as a side note, any FUN activity that requires a safety helmet isn’t for me.

I’ll be adding to this list as I think of even more awesome shit that I should do some day.  I gotta think about it ’cause it’s the KICK ASS BUCKET LIST and Awesomeness is required!


  1. I white-water rafted! Never thought I would, scared to death the entire time, but at the end of the day, I can say “I done that!”


    • Absolutely! I would LOVE to be a WINNING Guest on a game show….and take lots of stuff. Doesn’t even matter which game show (ok, not the Nickelodeon ones…that would just piss me off), I’d just like to win one! And yes, I always know the answer when I’m in my living room – ha!


  2. i want to be a dead body on that grissom could touch me…..
    i would like to have a flat stomach..and perky boobs once more..but cant afford surgery,,, and is far to lazy to exercise…bought a dvd once…got tired watching it…so bought good bra and spanx instead….


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