Getting Up and Carrying On

Today is the day after the Boston Terrorist attack and I will struggle like all Americans (and people around the world) to understand the reasons why this happened.  We will never truly know what was in the mind of the person(s) that planted the bombs, with the intent of hurting so many people.  We may discover who is responsible and they will tell us what they want us to hear, but we’ll never know the reasons locked away in a twisted and sick brain.

I stand in support of Boston and America today, as always.  I offer prayers and love to the injured, the witnesses and the survivors.  There are continuous news reports of the attack, and photos I will never forget posted all over my computer.  There are TV stations that are covering every angle and making sure we know exactly what is happening.  There are news conferences to share the courageous, unselfish acts by so many, and let us know the plan of action.   But on my Facebook page, I will continue to post things that make you smile, laugh out loud and think, “Hey, that’s just like me”.

I am choosing to do that because I refuse to let the bastard terrorists rule my life.  They want us to stop living our lives, to be afraid to venture out into this land that is America, and to be constantly afraid of the very things that make living so fantastic.  And I’m just not gonna do it.

So, terrorists that choose to continue bombing us, invading us and creating havoc with your crazy, shit-storm lives, know this:  I am not afraid.  I am cautious and I will look for you everywhere I go.  But GO I will, because you cannot stop me and you cannot stop the American People.  Bastards.



  1. I totally agree with you. I feel that the media attention feeds the sick minds of these people and although I appreciate the heroes and first responders, I will not watch hours on end of the horrible pictures and speculations.


    • Me, either. I want to be informed, but I feel like these terrorists also want the attention the constant media provides. And I truly don’t want to see the injured over and over again. It will remain forefront in my mind for a very long time, no worry about me forgetting…I am still very aware of 9/11 but don’t want to see those pictures either. I do think we become complacent after a while, but reminding me without graphic images would work for me. And I can’t help but think the sickos get off on seeing the carnage they’ve created. Bastards.


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