Fresh Strawberries? Nope, not even close!

You know, I like to pretend I can cook.  Ok, I can make a box of brownies like nobody’s business.  And sometimes I can melt chocolate, make a good dip.

I just not a ‘natural cook’.  Mac can come home, open the ‘frig and pantry and have a meal on the table in 45 minutes with whatever he finds.  I have to plan on the recipe, triple check I have all the ingredients, go to the store to buy what I don’t have, then spend an hour reading over the recipe to make sure I understand what I’m supposed to do and that I REALLY have everything, then another hour trying to make the recipe.

Sometimes Often, it just doesn’t work out like I hoped….

But I dutifully subscribe to multiple recipe blogs and pages, drooling over the pictures and thinking….”Hey, I can make that!”.

Remember I said I could melt chocolate?  Well, that little skill clicked open in my brain when I saw this picture and said, “Hey…YOU can do this!”.  Lying little bastard….

Strawberries-and-Cream-White-Chocolate-Bark-from-ChocolateChocolateandmore-60aIt’s summer, I thinking I could get some strawberries, I already know how to melt chocolate and BOOM, I could have this little ditty made up in NO time.

Except it called for Freeze Dried Strawberries.  Wait…What?  I didn’t even know that existed!

But NOW I was determined to make this SUPER EASY, QUICK AND DELICIOUS dessert.  So I bought Freeze Dried Strawberries. And lemme tell ya….it obviously cost A LOT of money to freeze dry something….

So, all my stuff is out and ready to go, and I even have Parchment Paper…I am GOOD.  I open a bag of those freeze-dried strawberries, and pop one in my mouth, thinking this is gonna be SO cool…we could potentially  have strawberries any time of the year and this would make a great……whoa!

What is that TASTE!  It tastes like Dust with a little bit of strawberry seed thrown in.  WOW.

Well, no matter…I’m SURE it’ll taste better in the chocolate, because chocolate makes EVERYTHING better, right?


I put a layer of freeze-dried dusty strawberries in the pan, poured my melted chocolate on top and waited.


Mine didn’t come out exactly like the picture…..and they tasted like chocolate covered dusty strawberries.  I was so disappointed that I tried to pry all the dusty strawberries out of the goodness that is white chocolate and eat the shavings.  That didn’t even work.


In the end, I committed the ultimate sin and threw all that goodness away…it hurts to think about it.

I think I’ll go get an oreo to ease my pain….


Thanks so much for reading what I write.  It’s even funnier if you share it with your friends….and you’re drinking when you read it.  Just a thought….and I promise to answer all your comments, so lemme know what you think.  Well, only if it’s good, cause I don’t need any negativity in my world…remember, I just threw away A LOT of chocolate goodness 🙂 .


  1. Hahaha! Are you my long lost sister!? I can usually follow a recipe and make it come out pretty good, but it takes me forever to plan it out too! My hubs is also really great at making up recipes with what’s on hand, unlike myself. 🙂


    • Julie ~ I think I have sisters all over the place 🙂 And I can make a recipe that comes out pretty good….if I start with a box… 😀 Cheers!


  2. I can’t tell you how many times I have thrown out the entire batch of something because I thought it turned out wrong or looked bad or whatever. My husband laughs at me and says “don’t throw it away, I’ll eat it!” Gotta love a good man, and with 20 yrs behind us this September, I sure aint throwing him out! 😉


    • Cheryl ~ that IS a good man! Mac always says he’ll eat whatever I put on the table, and Lawd knows, it’s been some bad stuff! Guess we have a couple of keepers 🙂 Cheers!


  3. I just have a funny story to tell you. My Grandaughter goes to Pre-K and came home and told her Mom that her teacher Mrs. Littleton got married. And guess who she got married to Mom? Mr. Littleton, can you believe that?? I love what comes out of the mouth of babes 🙂


  4. hahahahaha! That so sounds like something I would do. But honestly, WHO USES FREEZE DRIED STRAWBERRIES? I would have grabbed some fresh ones, damn the recipe!


    • I sure can pick some doozies Victioria….I’ve messed up the simplest things. And Mac can make anything without even LOOKING at a recipe 😛


  5. Lol….Chocolate covered strawberry dust!!!Well at least you get an”A” for the effort. ..Rock on Sasha with your glittery self!!


  6. I’m just waking up to all that tequila-soaked watermelon….freeze-dried strawberries doesn’t sound tasty to me either. But hey, you tried! Thanks for sharing😃


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