Boob Sweat? Get outta here!

Last month, I made a comment on my Facebook page about Boob Sweat.

Much talk ensued ~ we commiserated with each other, offered home remedies, tips, tricks, deodorant brands.  We told stories of chafing, sores, nastiness (thanks for leaving out the details ladies 😉 ), pain and red splotches.

And some of you suggested a miracle.  I promised to find this product, use it and report the details to ya’ll ASAP ~ cause it’s SUMMER and we need to conquer BOOB SWEAT for everyone!  Sisters UNITE!!!

So here’s my totally unpaid report for Lady Anti Monkey Butt Powder:

Monkey Butt (the Powder, not me :) )
Monkey Butt (the Powder, not me 🙂 )

It Works

My work  here is done….Carry on.

PS ~ I got mine at Ace Hardware.  It can also reportedly be found at Tractor Supply, Drug stores and select Wal-Mart locations.  The most fun is going in the store and asking for it.  PLEASE tell us what happens when YOU ask for it at your store!!


Thanks so much for hanging out and reading my blog!  If you love it, share it on your Facebook page, or with your friends.  Really, didn’t  your mama tell you to share?  Oh wait, maybe that was only with brownies…. 😉


    • CJ, Thanks so much, and I’ll tell ya…I celebrate those good hair days because if you saw it RIGHT NOW, it would scare you! Happy Friday!


  1. Went to my local Tractor Supply and walked in. The guy behind the checkout does the can I help you thing, and I replied ” I need 2 large cans, the pink ones of Lady Anti Monkey Butt powder”. He never blinked, walked over to the end cap got it and then asked “Are you sure you don’t want this travel size for your purse”. I told him sure as I burst out laughing and he just grinned and said “I hear this everyday”. We women in Virginia apparently have lots of BOOB-SWEAT..


    • Whitney, I THINK it’s because of the illusion that only women and men that work outside doing manual labor need it….like on a farm. BUT I have no idea really…just my thought. You can also find it on their website (anti monkey butt).


      • Sasha, I still can’t figure out how to stop getting notifications of all of the comments added after mine. While I love your FB page and your site, I don’t want to clutter my inbox with tons of notifications. ???


      • Whitney…..can you see any way when you comment to unclick the notification option? I can’t do it from here. The only option I have is to ‘trash’ your comment. I don’t mind doing that but I’m not sure that would work. HOWEVER, you could unsubscribe from the blog, then later (tomorrow?) sign up again. I might can unsubscribe you, but it would probably be easier if you did it. I’m so sorry!


      • Yes. I unsubscribed via e-mail. Maybe that will work. Thanks for the help. LOVE YOUR STUFF & YOU!!!


  2. I got it at Tractor Supply. I had to ask a clerk (female thank God) and she knew right away where it was. She even said she uses the paste for her baby when he gets diaper rash. I got the pink one. And love. Use it ALL over. I learn more things from you. You know it’s the little things that make us happy 🙂


  3. Never heard of it before FB that day but recently visited Texas and on a good day it was close to 100 already so we found it at the wal-mart there and I am
    Hooked!!!! Love this stuff and tell everyone I know bout it, life is too short to be miserable!! My walmart in Mass doesn’t carry it but I’m on the look out for it to stock up!! Thx for the great find and hoping Tater is enjoying her week away! 🙂


    • Yay for great finds!! I haven’t found it at any WalMart and was SO happy there’s still ONE Ace Hardware around for me. You can also order it at their website Anti Monkey Butt Powder 🙂 Cheers!


  4. My Ace Hardware only had the ANTI-MONKEY-BUTT POWDER (ya know the yellow). When I went to the cashier and ask for it, no hem, hawing, no smirk on her face, just led me right to it! It was in the extras in front of check out!
    Still wanting the LADY POWEDER, I took to the internet! had the regular, the Lady and one for the Baby! My Gkids have them Babies so I ordered both the Lady and Baby Powder. At Ace it was 7.99. On line it was 5.99 (free shipping)! WOO WOO! Am lovin’ the Lady Powder! Put it all kinds of places! GD has not reported back on the success of the Baby Powder, but will let y’all know! Carry on ….


    • TOO Cool!! And you can also order it on their website, just in case you can’t find it somewhere else!! I LOVE it and so happy you do, too! Carrying on…


  5. I phoned my pharmacist and asked him if they carried it. After he stopped laughing, he looked it up and ordered it in for me. Had to try it after reading all the comments on your post. I love the stuff and recommended it to my friends.I just need to find a powder puff (remember those?) or something like that to make applying it easier.


    • Oh Terrianne…I have been looking for a powder puff since I started using it! I’m almost to the point of buying some cheap-as-I-can-find body powder JUST for the puff!!! Glad you love it!!! You can also get it from their website: anti monkey butt powder!


  6. I buy at Tractor Supply and the cashier never looks twice at it, I’m sure she uses it too….. Love the stuff and I use it more places than just my boobs!


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