Elf on the Damn Shelf

Well, it’s Elf on the Shelf time…..I had never heard of Elf on the Shelf until a couple of years ago.  I never had one as a child (deprived?  I think not!) and was surprised to hear that Mac had one.  They lived in RURAL Mississippi and grew up farming the land ~ I certainly would have never thought that was something found way down in the fields of cotton and dairy farmers.

Imagine my surprise when Mac not only says he HAD an Elf on the Shelf, but he pulls the damn thing out of some box in the garage that I had never seen either (I’m starting to get slightly suspicious….).  It does look ratty and old, so I’m thinking it probably really is the one from his childhood.

A little dusty, but the little bastard can still climb on top of the coocoo clock!
Green Man Elf ~ A little dusty, but the little bastard can still climb on top of the coo-coo clock!

So this elf has been around at LEAST 50 years and I’ve NEVER heard of it.  Yes, I live in a cave.

Of course we had to buy a new Elf on the Shelf, too, complete with book and instructions on naming our Elf. Now I’ve read all about these elves, where they hide each night (thanks for the great tips ya’ll!) and how they all have really cute names, like Topper, Jack Sprite, Mary and Jake.

So I asked Tater what she wanted to name her elves, since she has two we should probably name them to keep them apart.

And she came up with the only logical solution……she named them ~

Ol' Red
Ol’ Red

Red and Green

Well, Duh ~ probably not her most imaginative moment but I gotta tell ya, I’m pretty sure I’ll remember the names this year!


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  2. I hadn’t heard of Elf on the shelf until this year either! We must both live under a rock. My son is too young to remember it, but I may get one when he is older.


  3. I am shocked by the number of people who had them as kids and now as adults. I never heard of them, either. They seem creepy to me, but my friends have a great time putting their elves in all sorts of odd and creepy places.


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