It’s True…Dryers DO eat socks and I Have Proof!

Tater is a sock girl.  She can pick out an outfit without much thought at all, put something on and hardly know what it is.

But socks.  Oh my sweet baby Jesus, socks are the end all.  If we’re late, it’s because the SOCKS didn’t match.  Or were the wrong shade.  Or didn’t FEEL right.  Or didn’t come up just the right place on her leg. Or they had the wrong pattern.

So we have socks.  Lots and Lots and LOTS of socks.  In my quest to find the PERFECT pair of socks so she can pick and go, I’ve bought ankle socks, knee socks, brown, blue, pink, orange, white, yellow, green and striped socks. And every sock in between.

So yesterday, before Tater got home, when I dropped a pair of her socks behind the dryer, I panicked.  See, these were THE brand new pair of Pink, Monday-written-on-the-bottom socks that I KNEW Tater would want to wear today.  She had worn them twice and even wanted to wear them when they were dirty, so I knew THESE were the ONES.


I casually strolled into the dining room, where Mac was working.  I was trying to be cool, calm, and not overwrought with thoughts of “WHERE did I buy those???”.  I just needed to ask a little, teensy tiny question and I thought it best to not appear like a crazy woman.

“Honey, I dropped a pair of Tater’s socks behind the dryer.  Do you think we could get them out?”

Doncha like how I used “We”….

He said we could probably take out a wall to get them out.  Yes, he was kidding, but I wasn’t laughing.

And then like a very good MacDaddy, he grabbed his miner’s light thingy that attaches to his head like a head band (Oh, how I wish I had a picture of that…) and headed to the dryer.

Where he climbed on the dryer, poked his head into the crevice of hot death and said,

“Damn, there’s a lot of stuff back here.  Hand me a coat hanger.”

I dutifully unwound the coat hanger so he could use it as a hook (cause why would we go get real tools…that would take WAY too much time).  And he proceeded to recover all the STUFF that was back there:

  • 1 roll of lint covered, slightly squished of toilet paper
  • TWO pair of socks (yep, Tater’s were rescued)
  • another coat hanger
  • a can of air freshener
  • a can of stain remover
  • a new tube of deodorant
  • a pair of my jeans

Holy Smack down, a Pair of Jeans??? I have been looking for those jeans FOREVER.  And you know, there just aren’t that many places you can lose jeans….I mean I don’t exactly take them off just anywhere, and I just couldn’t find them.

Mystery Solved….and now we know that Dryers Truly do eat Socks, but they also hide LOTS of STUFF between the dryer and the wall.

Perhaps the best part of the entire episode, though, was this epic picture of Mac in action….

Mac the Sock Rescuer
Mac the Sock Rescuer

And let’s just keep this little picture a secret between us, ok? 


Thanks so much for hanging out and reading what I write ~ I hope you laugh, smile, snort, shoot tea out of your nose or at least giggle.  And I’d love it if you loved it enough to share it…you know, mama always did say you should share 🙂 



  1. Too funny (as always!) Mac is a good catch GF! However my 11 yr old Gdaughter likes wearing unmatched socks!! WTBLEEP…I know!!! Have gotten use to it and it’s rather cute! Not sure if there is a match to the unmatching but when she’s with us we go with it!

    Oh & BTW, have known about the dryer eats all since late ’70s 😉


    • Joy ~ Yes He Is!! And I plan on keeping him around for at least a little while longer 🙂 And yes, my friends daughter wears mis-matched socks all the time, on purpose! Tater is trying to find the EXACT shade to match whatever she’s wearing ~ we have, shall we say, issues…. 🙂


  2. I can’t get my daughter to match her socks…they even come now, new in the package, unmatched!! It’s a teen thing..i know, but it drives me bonkers!
    ~Robin Bobo


    • I can’t KEEP her out of the sock aisle at the store…and she has outgrown so many but doesn’t want to get rid of them because she might want ‘to look at them sometime’ . . . !!! WTH??? 🙂 So now I know she’s not going to outgrow it, huh? 😀


  3. they DO eat them and then turn them into clothes hangers. You found a hanger behind the dryer; are you missing a sock? 😀


    • Rebecca ~ I found a coat hanger and TWO pairs of socks…I’m not real sure of the coat hanger-to-sock ratio, but I think I’m ahead at least 2 socks 😉


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