Maybe they’re Mini-Flashes?

“Flashes of Brilliance”…..I heard these words and then focused on the rest of the sentence ~ “He’s had flashes of brilliance this year”.  It was some sport caster talking about some football player over the New Year’s Weekend of never-ending football games that were on at my sister-in-law’s house.

I have absolutely no idea WHO they were talking about because I don’t follow football, and I wasn’t really watching. But those words captured my attention…..

What WERE these flashes of brilliance this football player had?  Did he solve the financial crisis?  Did he find world peace?  Did he discover the cure to a horrible disease?

Nope…he probably ran fast, caught a ball, threw a ball or hit someone.

Soooo, with that criteria in mind, I was POSITIVE I have had flashes of brilliance in 2012.  I pondered on the past year and all that had happened and came up with this little list, cause ya’ll know I LOVE a list:

My own little flashes...
My own little flashes…

1. Drove to Tennessee without running someone off the road from road rage (I HAD road rage, I just managed not to take it out on anyone…a true Test of Patience!  Hell, I’ll just list “Did not kill anyone with road rage tendencies EVERY. FREAKIN’. DAY I drive…that should work.)

2.  Did not laugh out loud when someone asked me, totally serious, “If they’re on TV at the National (insert political side of choice) Convention, they can’t lie, right?”.  I AM, however, laughing now and every time I tell that story.

3.  Threw a 40th birthday party for my BFF, remained somewhat, a little kinda sober and didn’t throw up the next morning.  I even found a new favorite phrase ~ “Naughty Bits”!

4.  Discovered how to make the PERFECT Margarita….at home!  Ahhh, this might have been more than a Flash of Brilliance….this might have been a freakin’ Streak of Lightening Brilliance!  (Thanks, Mrs. Smith, for introducing me to Trader Joe’s Margarita Mixer!!  Oh, and the top shelf Tequila, cause that was Da Bomb!)

5.   Managed to remain calm hold it together when the Tater started kindergarten.  I’m much better now, just check out Day 60!

6.  And finally, mastered my new iPhone (ok, maybe mastered isn’t the right word…maybe “I can work the damn thing most of the time” is more appropriate, but whatever.)

I’m sure there were more little sparkles of brilliance throughout the year, but true flashes seem a little hard to pin down.  I’ll just go with these, and make sure I note the biggies for 2013 ~ I’m pretty sure this has just become a stupid tradition….


Oh wait, they probably don’t mean HOT Flashes, do they?  Dammit.


  1. Haha. Nice list. I wish someone would celebrate all my non mess ups . Basically just getting through the day without ripping someone’s head off can be a flash of brilliance for me somedays!


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