Naughty Bits ~ New Favorite Phrase

The birthday party was Saturday…..we might have gotten shit faced.  Ok, we did. But on the upside?  There was dancing and I got video!  Of course, I’m not gonna post it here!  What do you think I am, crazy?  (Ok, so I am crazy, but I’m still not posting video here of me dancing….ever.)  And since it was a 40th Birthday Party and 360 days of the year we’re semi-responsible adults, we called a Time Out and had a Blast!

The jello shots were AMAZING!  I took a few pictures while I was making them so you could see how AMAZING they were. I made Strawberry Cake (Strawberry Jello and Cake Vodka (OMG)), Orange Dreamsicle (Orange Jello and Vanilla Vodka) and Grape and Black Cherry (regular stuff).

My Jello Shots are AMAZING! (I might have already said that…)

We were forced to try one of each (ok, maybe 2) before all the guests got here, just to make sure they were ok.  I wouldn’t want anyone to get a bad one, so it was my civic duty.

But, Oh My God, the most wonderful, most bestest thing ever?  Another friend (yes, I have more than 1 friend) got me some AMAZING (my new word ~ deal with it) Tequila and Margarita Mix.

Now, I’m a Margarita Girl and I’ve had some fabulous Margaritas and some AMAZING Margaritas, but I’ve never had anything this good AND I GOT TO MAKE IT AT HOME!  It was Trader Joe’s Margarita Mix and 1800 Tequila Reserva Reposado.  WOW.

Buy These ~ really, it’s worth it.  We had several and they were perfect (and AMAZING) every time, even when a little of the mix was sloshed out. (Yes, that’s a word.  And you DO know what it means.)

But on to the fun stuff at the party.  I’m sure we said really funny shit all during the party, but I couldn’t remember some most of it, so someone more sober suggested we write it down!  Great Idea.

So today, I’m looking through the notes and have decided to post the ones that I can actually read.


  • She asked if she could wear blue jeans.  No, you have to wear a prom dress
  • It’s Drunkanese…Learn It!  (This will be on an e-card before the end of the day)
  • I’m rekindling my love affair with Mr. Miller (said while caressing a Miller Lite bottle)
  • I feel good but I’m not drunk yet
  • (40 minutes later) I’m not drunk yet but I’m getting a nice buzz
  • If you can dance with the boy across the street, you can dance with this crowd
  • You got chicken feathers on your ass (possibly best line)
  • You’re gonna show your naughty bits

The party was a success and we went back to our real lives today.  But every time we see someone about to show their “Naughty Bits”, we’re gonna laugh and think about dancing and jello shots and margaritas and popcorn.  And doing flips on the trampoline in a really short dress.  I mentioned that part, didn’t I????


  1. Oh yeah, the Strawberry Cake was the best…there were NONE left of that one. And a notebook at my age is a good thing for everyday, with or without a crowd. Hell, I can’t even remember what I came in the room for, much less what someone told me or what I thought 🙂


  2. I wish I could have been part of that crowd! Your jello shots sound incredible!! Remember to keep that notebook of funny phrases with you, I’m sure your crowd will give you loads more stuff to write down!


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