And you thought YOU had a good excuse…

You might have heard I’m trying to be nicer in 2013.   Ok, so maybe you didn’t hear…or maybe I never said that. Whatever.

But, today I was feeling charitable so when the Wal-Mart customer service lady held her back and said, “Oohh, my back hurts so much!”, I looked at her and said, “Bless your heart, you look too young to be having back trouble!”.

I am an idiot…because I just agreed (when you say, “Bless your heart” and then follow it with further conversation, everyone knows it’s an invitation to conversation) to begin a conversation with a stranger….in Wal-Mart…in the middle of the day….in the customer service line.

However, her answer took me totally by surprise:

“See, I got run over by a truck 3 years ago….”

Best.  Answer.  Ever.

I’m sure my mouth showed my surprise and I may have sputtered a little, because really…what do you say to that!

Of course, I said, “BEST ANSWER EVER!”.  I might have tried to give her a high-five or something, but I was in shock so I’m not sure exactly what I said or did next.

However, she wasn’t finished talking….no ma’am, she wasn’t.

Because THEN she said the

Next.  Best.  Answer.  Ever.

“….and I was driving the truck.”

You win, I will NEVER be able to top that.

This is not the offending truck...I just thought it looked cool!
This is not the offending truck…I just thought it looked cool!


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