Resolutions? Sure, I got ’em….


Resolutions?  Sure I make them…..and then quickly break them.  Like, within hours sometimes. So, maybe I don’t make them quite like I’m supposed to.  I never put the usual ones, like “Lose Weight” or “Spend more time with loved ones” because those are for rookies.  I put “Lose Weight” on my List of things to do TODAY at least once a month, so putting it as a year long BIG TIME resolution seems a bit like over kill to me.  Of course, I didn’t lose a single pound in 2012, but I’m sure optimistic for 2013.  Still not gonna put it on my list, though.

And the ones like “Be nicer” or “Don’t be a smart ass” or Don’t be so sarcastic” don’t really work for me either….have ya’ll actually MET me yet?  Well, cause if you have, you’ll know that’s not really an option.

(Visiting family this holiday, I did mention to my adult niece that I was gonna try to be nicer this year…..she said, “When ya gonna start?”  Yeah, everyone’s a comedian…)

SOOO, with that info, here’s MY 2013 Resolutions:

1.  Finally learn the words to “Blinded By The Light” by Manfred Mann’s Earth Band. (Geez, I just looked them up and they HAD to be smokin’ crack or SOMETHING when they wrote that!)

2.  Figure out the snack schedule at Sam’s so I can take full advantage. (I HATE going in there just after I’ve eaten…seems like a real waste.)

3.  Make fewer piles of crap all over the house. Name the piles of crap all over the house so I can organize better. (Let’s be realistic…I’m NEVER gonna stop having piles…are you?)

4.  Alphabetize my tequila and rum collection for easier selection.  (Seems like a worthy chore for a rainy New Years Day….)

5.  Learn how to back up the truck with the trailer attached.  (This one might actually  happen…unless I unattach the trailer by hitting something the first time I try.)

6.  Find a comfortable and supportive bra. (Bwhahahahah…sorry, this was just put in there as a joke…that will NEVER happen.)

7.  Master phone calls on my iPhone.  (One day, I’ll figure out how to “Face Time” ~ ooh-aahhh-ooh!)

8.  Finish my book. (Everyone has a book they’re writing, right?  If Paris Hilton can write a book, surely to God, I can.  It’ll be about a Redneck, Barefoot, Rum and…Oh wait! I can’t tell you yet!!!)

Ok, that’s all I have.  I don’t have 10, or 5, or 15 or whatever number you’re SUPPOSED to have, I just have the ones I like.  Happy New Year, ya’ll….I’ll be sure and keep you posted on the results and the publish date for my book!


  1. OMIGOSH!! Love the comments about blinded by the light. I thought the same “douche” thing too. I love FaceTime!! I live in WI and my bro lives in Alaska, so it’s great to be able to talk AND see him when I want!! It’s super easy to use too!! If you have a store called Soma by you, try them out for bras. I’ve gotten some pretty comfy ones there.


    • I think everyone thought the song said SOMETHING about a douche ~ wonder if they were ‘thinking’ about that – ha! And fabulous that you and your brother can see each other during face time ~ ain’t technology grand! Sometimes if Mac is traveling all week, we’ll skype and Tater can talk to him ‘face to face’…..and I’ll definitely check out Soma!


  2. (1) I don’t trust people who DON’T have piles of crap in their homes. (2) I’m going to have to Google the lyrics to “Blinded By The Light,” because, even though I haven’t thought of the song in ages, I will now be haunted by that line until I see what it is is. (3) “Comfortable bra” is an oxymoron.


  3. Ha! Before I read the real lyrics, I want to know what you sang before you knew them. I swear I thought he said, Blinded by the light, wrapped up like a douche, another roller in the night.
    Piles of crap make the world go round.
    I don’t understand why people want to Facetime/Skype. I’d much rather just talk on the phone, where the person with whom I am speaking can’t see what I’m actually doing while I talk. (no, I don’t go to the bathroom, but the silent scolding of my children is not pretty.)
    And lastly, can’t wait to read the book!


    • Geez-us! I always thought they were saying something about a douche and a roller! And I had never checked before but still was amazed at the actual words ~ I’m telling ya, they were on SOMETHING when it was written cause even with the words it doesn’t make sense – ha! And if people saw me while they were talking to me it WOULD BE VERY SCARY! Book….oh yeah, the book 🙂 Writing, writing, writing!


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