Robots need not apply

I am Not A ROBOT!! I know this because I sometimes always jiggle when I walk.  I know it’s easy to confuse me with a robot because we both creak when we move, but honestly….I AM NOT A ROBOT.

However….when I try to join, sign up, follow, agree or just want to say something witty, I have to PROVE I’m not a robot by typing in some crazy ass words that aren’t really words. AND they are all bent out of shape, cutting into each other, each letter behind the others and going up and down.

Hell, I can barely see the words when they are typed straight and all in Caps and they want ME to prove I’m not a robot by retyping what they’ve written?  Maybe they should take a look at what they’re writing, cause that shit don’t spell nothing!

What the HELL does this spell???
Any clues???

I like how they’ve added numbers to further prove I’m not a robot.  Maybe you’re wondering where I’m getting all this Robot stuff ~ the words “We need to make sure you’re not a robot” actually appear just above the crazy letters and the space I’m supposed to type them into.

I have misspelled these ‘words’ so many times, I eventually get words like CAT and DOG but they’re spelled backwards and upside down to confuse me.

Maybe the numbers are there because I can never spell the “Words” they have….whatever reason, I’m thinking it’s pretty stupid.  Couldn’t they just ask me a real person question or something… “What liquor is used to make a Margarita?” or “How much do you weigh?” or “When did you stop coloring your hair?”.

See – those questions I could answer.  Wait.  Never mind.  I’ll go back to those stupid letters……no need to get personal.


  1. I feel the same way about the captcha thing. 😦 I often only try twice and if it don’t work I give up. Those things are often hard on the eyes.


  2. It’s about time this annoying subject was addressed. I wonder if a dyslexic would have better luck with these stupid things than I do? Like you I hit the reload button so many times I eventually get a word even one of my dogs could figure out. I disabled it on my blog, my readers have to be a little crazy anyway I don’t want to make it worse for them. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Enjoyed reading here and am following.


    • Again ~ Holy Crap, I can disable it!! I must figure that out (READ: Find someone who can figure that out!)….there is HOPE for us all! And I’m so glad your commented…I managed to comment, laugh out loud at our similarities and then left before following…doing that now!


  3. I wrote on this also, I was finally getting followers and then I read a very well followed blog and she said how she will not even bother to comment on blogs that have that stupid captcha thing attached to it, so I began to think hmmm & this is where you should become frighten (me thinking) maybe that is why I never get any comments I am just to much robot like so I ditched the captcha thingy & well now I am still not all that popular but who cares it could be worst I COULD BE A ROBOT LOL. love these posts on the captcha


  4. Fur Rullz. I can NEVER get it on the first try and I seriously think after a certain time and enough of the server laughing at me in it’s own little computery head, it just feels sorry for me and lets me do whatever even though I KNOW I spelled that crap wrong. Speaking of which, how come we don’t have to make it prove that it IS a robot????


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