I want a new closet

I want to be a Bohemian.  Wait a minute, I’d better look that up….”A native of Bohemia, or a person who has informal or unconventional social habits, esp a writer or actor.”  Oh shit, my mama would have a stroke if I had unconventional social habits so I’d better rethink that.

Ok, how about, I want to be a gypsy…or a hippie….or a Love Child?  Really I just want to wear long, flowing skirts, white gauzy tops,  flip flops and have daisies in my long, curly locks.  And no bra. Or Eye Shadow.

All that would work IF:  I had long, curly locks (see all about that post here) and I didn’t mind my boobs hanging out with my belly button.  Old age (especially if you have big boobs) definitely isn’t for sissies.  The eye shadow I could totally do without.  I think it’s a sin not to wear eye shadow in the south, but I’m willing to risk it to be a gypsy.

This is what I want to wear ~

LOVE the stuff at http://www.magnoliapearl.com

Unfortunately, I don’t live outside, have vintage decorations, get to lounge around on my outside table or own those boots. But if I did?  Totally wearing this.

Now, in the south, this is known as UNDERWEAR.  From the 1800’s.  So showing up in this outfit anywhere I go pretty much assures me that “Yep, she’s gone batshitcrazy again” will be said to my face (not my back ~ we don’t mess around).

But I still really, really like it ~ I was just born in the wrong century.  To people that had homes.  And straight hair.


So if you ever see me in my underwear, don’t think a thing about it.  Just realize that I’m slowly working my way toward my dream closet and I’m thinking really seriously about stepping out of my closet into the real world.  Just as soon as I find these clothes in plus size and a bra that goes with them.  And curly hair.


  1. I love your site,I love your insight,you say and think much like I do,my momma was from the south so does that qualify?And Girl,you just need to go for it.


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