Why, Oh Why?

I remember saying, “If they can put a man on the moon, why can’t they make pantyhose that don’t run?”  Now, I’ve not worn pantyhose, or any other kind of hose, this century, but I gotta believe that Yes, they can make pantyhose that won’t run but that would totally cause an industry to close down.  And we can’t have those little L’eggs running around with nothing in them, now can we?  (Do they even MAKE L’eggs any more???)

But as I was hanging my new shower curtain liner today, I thought of the pantyhose thing, and wondered why so many other things are the way they are.

I’m sure you all want to know, too. Curious minds and all that.

  • Why do the shower liner curtain ring holes (that IS what they are called) tear approximately 2 minutes after hanging the curtain?  There’s nothing better than finding out AFTER you’ve showered that the pool of water in the floor is, in fact, from your own shower and not the kids.
  • Why, when  you need to write something down, you can only find a crayon, a tube of lipstick or a broken pencil?  But the minute you don’t need a pen, 37 appear on the table.
  • Why does the phone ring the minute you finish polishing your fingernails?
  • Why do hot dogs come in packs of 10, but hot dog buns come in packs of 8?
  • Why do clothes have sizes that make no sense?  (Who came up with THAT measuring format???  And I want to know exactly how they figure I’m the size I am….I feel sure they are wrong.)
  • Why are people stupid?

Ok, I just threw that last one in there to throw you off, because we’ll sure as hell NEVER know the answer to that one.


  1. Those are very valid questions! I have a few more
    Why does your baby wake up only when you are elbow deep in cleaning?
    Why does the neighborhood dog feel the need to crap on your walkway?
    Why is there never that key ingredient after you’ve already started making a meal you knew you had everything for?
    Why do socks disappear?
    Why is Facebook constantly changing?
    I know there are tons more, but that’s what I got.


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