Things that are Real Pissers but you Can’t Do Anything About it!

Running out of shit.   Milk. Detergent.  Tequila.  Can I please get on an automatic delivery of these things??  I promise, pinky swear, and bow down to the supermarket gods (and liquor stores-oh yeah) that I WILL use everything you send…there will be no waste!  I just don’t ever want to run out of this crap again.

Filling  your car up with gas and finding it 10c cheaper 2 miles down the road.  There should be a sign at every gas station:  cheaper 2 miles down the road!  More expensive 1.3 miles down the road!  Really, we are smart enough to make the decision on whether or not we can make it to your gas station for cheaper gas.  Or if we have to pay the thieves that are charging us more.

The Common Cold.  Bitch.

Going to a restaurant just for a special menu item AND THEY NO LONGER CARRY IT!  What the Hell?  Can I say Frequent Customer?  Did you not think to let me know?  Confer with me?  Gee, thanks.  And no, I don’t want something else.

Breaking stuff.  I guess you could just never touch anything.

Inlaws.  ’nuff said.

A lunch hour that’s really an hour.  Lunch hours should really mean lunch and a half hour.  Because really, how can you possibly get anywhere, eat, digest, chat, shop and then get back to work for your nap in just an hour?  Ridiculous!

90-year-old women in front of you at the cash register when there’s only 1 register open.  I love 90-year-old women, really I do.  But God help them, they are slow.  And I only have an hour for lunch to get my milk and detergent and THEN I have to stop at the liquor store for the tequila and then hit the drive thru and I’m wondering if anyone would notice if I just tossed a $10 at the cashier and hit the door.  Sounds reasonable to me.

This can be a very long list…ongoing and long.  I didn’t number these because I didn’t want the responsibility of keeping up with the numbers.  And then anyone bitchin’ at me when I got the numbers wrong.  So it’s just a list. I’m sure I’ll think of at least 3 more as soon as I hit the publish button.  Dammit. There’s another:  Hitting Send and forgetting the attachment!   


  1. Forgetting to add attachments is one of my big ones…I do it so much! Another one is: Cleaning the bathroom for two hours to have your significant other shave the same night…sigh.


  2. I’d like to add another pisser… Stupid cops and bullshit laws. You’re attacked by your boyfriend in Maryland and you defend yourself. Since asshole has claw marks on his face and bite mark on his arm from it being around your neck, you are arrested for assault while he walks around free because in Maryland there is no self defense law. Is that crap or what?!


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