Yes, that does make your butt look big!

People of Wal-Mart.  Yep, they are a strange bunch.  And you know they are crazy, because there’s just no doubt about most of them.

But the ones you see that look almost normal but are wearing some gawd-awful piece of material wrapped around them, usually too small for their body parts, showing most of their body parts or that just doesn’t make any sense at all?

Maybe these are a LITTLE too small…..

These people, these people are the ones I want to  know about….and this is addressed to these people.  I know they will never read this, but I can hope someone that DOES read will read it to them and they’ll nod understandingly and suddenly become fashion conscious.  Or at least body covering conscious.

What in the Hell is the matter with you?  Did you put on something from the last decade and suddenly think it’s back in style?  Did you drag something out of the dog pile and think, ‘Hey, this looks good! I’ll wear this today.’

Did you wake up in a stupor, naked, and think “I HAVE to go to Walmart but I can’t go naked.” and just grabbed whatever you found on the way to the door?  (Thanks for not going to Walmart naked, by the way.)

I’m betting that at some point in your life, when you had on this very outfit, someone told you, “Hey, you look HOT in that, baby!  You should wear it every day!”


Let me make a suggestion:  Buy a mirror.  If you can’t afford a mirror, the next time you wear an outfit, stop by a mirror in Walmart. They have them in the store.  Take a really close look at how you look.

If you still think you look HOT in the outfit, take your picture (it’s easy – just hold your phone in front of the mirror and pose – you know, like your facebook profile picture) and post it on

That way, you’ll save us all from having to chase you down through the lawn chair, sale racks and beer section to take your picture, trying to go unnoticed and falling over small children on our way to internet-picture-posting fame.


  1. The only reasonable explanation for this behavior (besides not owning a mirror, which was my best guess) is that they just don’t see the same thing we do when they look in the mirror. And they must not have friends, cause no way would a friend let you go out looking like that, much less go with you….


  2. Love this post! hahaha Some people really need to own a mirror or five mirrors and look into them before they leave the house. Or better yet, have some damn sense!


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