Handmade? Well…sure….

I’ve pinned a LOT of Valentine’s ideas, making great plans, thinking about how I would spend hours with Tater making some really cute little handmade cards, attaching the perfect piece of candy or ribbon or cellophane covered handmade treat.  Each one would be covered with the perfect amount of glitter, without one tiny, sparkly little piece of it falling off when they are delivered.

I’ve seen hints, tips, tricks, hacks, time-savers, fakes, store-bought transferred to handmade and everything thing in between.

kissSo….what did I choose to make with Tater for her party today?



Now, y’all excuse me while I go look for St. Patrick’s Day stuff because me and Tater are gonna make the Cutest little shamrocks and leprechauns…..


Thanks for hanging out with me!  If you laughed, I’d love it if you shared this with YOUR friends….they might to laugh, too 🙂


  1. I have over 360 pinterest boards and do you think I make ANYthing on them? Bahahaha,… Not ever. But it’s nice to think about!


  2. I do the same dang thing every year….last year I swore I was gonna make homemade gift tags for Christmas gifts….you can imagine how many of those got made…..


  3. Those Valentine cards will be not be remembered, yall sitting there addressing them and talking is what she will remember. Keep making those memories!!


    • She wrote the names and had me check off every one and then DOUBLE check! She was so funny…I asked her if she wrote ‘reading’ and she said, WHAT? I had to laugh…I’ve been saying that forever, and had to say, “Did you write their names so they could read them?” She said, Of course! Ha!


  4. Oh Sasha, I love this post! And I feel your pain!  Last night at 9:00 my 11 year old told me his teacher said they could bring in Valentines today “if they wanted to”. They usually have a grade 6 to 8 dance in the gym in the afternoon, so we didn’t buy cards.Luckily it was my birthday last month, and one of my friends gave me a mug full of suckers (40 Sucks). And the suckers were heart shaped – bonus. Guess what I was doing at 10:30 last night…


  5. Hey, did you get her Valentines she liked for her class? Did you spend some time with her? You did your job without being all Super Mom all over her. Now, pour yourself a Margarita and smile.


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