The Year of the Torso? Not Even Close…

There’s been a LOT of talk about the 2015 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover.  In case you haven’t seen it, I’ll post it here…..and give you a minute.

SI cover

Yeah, that’s quite a….cover.  Hannah Davis, the beautiful cover girl, said the picture isn’t too naughty ~ she said it’s all about the torso this year. 

That’s sure not the FIRST thought I had, Hannah.

But….BUT, I do want to say this ~ I see that photograph and I think two totally different thoughts, because I see it two different ways.  I see it as a woman AND as a mother to a 7-year-old girl.

So let me give you my thoughts as both those people….

As a Woman, I want to say: YOU GO GIRL!  Wow, you look amazing and while a lot of what you’re showing is youth and great genes, I know you work hard to maintain that beautiful body.  Rock it while you’ve got it and promise you’ll rock it after you think it’s gone, too.  We’re all beautiful in our own way and you happen to be a beauty that is on display for the world.  As a Woman, I know  you feel pride in the way you look and enjoy the benefits of being a beautiful woman in a world that treasures beauty above all else sometimes.  So I say Flaunt it ~ you’ve definitely Got IT!

As a Mother to a 7-Year-Old Girl, I want to say: GIRL!  Cover yourself!  That’s no way to be dressed in Public!  You’re Beautiful but you don’t have to put in on Display for the WORLD to see!  A little modesty would be just fine.  Now, go get a sweater or something.

In the end, it doesn’t matter what I want to say as either person. We won’t be buying this issue….not because of any stand or display of how we feel, but simply because we aren’t huge Sports (or Magazine) fans. 

And if the cover happens to be seen by that 7-Year-Old Girl?  Well, right now she’s all about her privacy and I KNOW she’d look at me, raise those eyebrows, widen those big brown eyes, form that perfect O with her mouth hidden behind her hand and say…”ooooohhhh Sasha!! That girl is gonna show her Privates!”

And then we’d have a little talk about that bikini she thinks she’s getting this summer…..

Oh, and here’s the picture cropped slightly ~ so I can put THIS one in the post and not have an “R” rating 🙂

si cover pg


Thanks so much for hanging out with me!  If you like what you’ve read, please share it.  You wouldn’t want to keep this for yourself, right?  Right?  Ok, I’ll just take that as a yes….


  1. I think this sexually charged moraless culture is horrible. And it keeps getting more and more sexual and risqué. Young teenage girls are more depressed than ever and cutting and even suicide is climbing because they feel so much pressure to be perfect; physically, socially and academically. The media and many parents have created a monster. Very sad. My daughter also was teased and ridiculed in middle & high school (20+ years ago) about being fat, which she wasn’t. She still has an eating disorder and won’t get help, believe me i have tried. I worry about her and pray for her every day. This world is so messed up. This is degrading to women, but young women and girls don’t understand that they are being scammed and lied to! Someday they will. Hopefully not when it is too late. 😦 God help us.


  2. My husband got his issue the other day. Of course, I “had” to look and see what he was seeing, and, I have to admit, at first glance I thought I was looking at a Playboy (yes I have peeked at them). I wanted to see how he reacted so when he got home I gave it to him, he glanced at it and said “they are okay.” I said be honest, they are hot!! they don’t have drooping boobs and fat rolls, and no stretch marks.” He said “yeah, they don’t have my heart either.” I did think the photos were a little sexy, but I will admit if I was young, and had a smoking hot body and was getting paid to let folks admire my smoking hot body, hopefully you would find me on the cover.


  3. If I had her body and was her age, I think I would show it off also…… However, saying that I would like to see it on a fashion magazine, NOT Sports Illustrated… what the hell kinda sport are they promoting?……LOL geez I agree with Audra, there was so much hype about this cover that I couldnt wait to see it either, otherwise I wouldnt of cared… I’ve seen on face book pictures of men showing just about the same thing…


  4. Pretty sure we, as in women, are not the demographic beging targeted. And I’m grateful that she isn’t my daughter because the man/prime marketing target in my house would be going completely ballistic right now if she were his daughter. Lol.


  5. Well, I guess I’ll be the first to say it. You couldn’t get much closer to porn! At least put the pic inside where the whole world, including children, do not have to see this! And if is “tastefully done” then why is there a big red banner across it on tv?! SI has a money maker every year with this issue, and every year it gets worse. Just my opinion 🙂


  6. Sasha…..What you wrote is exactly my feelings on this. Now that my children are older with my baby being 21 I find that there are very few things that bother me anymore. Maybe it’s because I know that I can just look past it, shake my head and not have to explain it to anyone. 🙂


  7. Wow is right! What a cover! I’m sure she is beautiful in RL, but how much of this photo is photo shopped? As a society, we hold this image as beautiful attractive and send the message that if you don’t fit this mold then you are not. Then society wonders why girls have so many complex issues, they are suffering from eating disorders or worse cutters because they are picked on because they don’t fit this mold. My daughter, who is now almost 19, was picked on at the age of 5, because girls thought she was fat (which she absolutely was not) however, no matter what I said, the opinion of her peers started a vicious eating disorder. And now at 19, her weight is a constant struggle and she has health issues because she would go days eating very little, to the point of needing to be hospitalized. So now, when she does eat like a normal person should her body reacts negatively from the damage she has done years ago. So, as a woman who is struggling with my own weight issues, I’m with you Sasha, you go cover girl! Work it! On the mom side, I say, wow, no wonder our girls get messed up!


  8. Sasha, I work in a library and we get this mag. We decided not to display it. It is there if someone asks to see it. Way to many youngsters in our library daily.


  9. Beautifully depicted for the adult world, but they don’t stop to think that a child can and will come across it, henceforth making them think they need to look like that in a bikini… It’s actually a little degrading to women … That’s my take on the whole thing..


  10. I hope the airbrush gun is still working after all the work it did!
    She is a beautiful girl, why she thinks she had to do this is beyond me. I’m far from being a prude, but I say it’s going too far. Pressure to succeed? Sad…


  11. I really must have been somewhere else today, because the label I tore off was right beside IT and I didn’t even pay attention, LOL!


  12. How interesting that you should post this article today. I went to our PO BOX today and this issue was in there. We still don’t know how we got a free subscription to SI and neither of us reads it. Usually I just hand the issue to someone in the postoffice. I must have been totally out of it today because I so don’t remember this almost crotch shot…I tore off the address label and left the issue on the counter for whomever wanted to take it.


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