Why yes, I would love a quick nap!

I dropped Tater off at her room for “Math through Art” Camp yesterday…it’s on a college campus and she was pretty excited to be going to college.  Hey, whatever works to get her to Math Camp…

As I was leaving the room I glanced at the room next door.

Well, Look what I found!
Well, Look what I found!

The CNA lab…..Hmmm, this could be interesting….  So I peeked in ~ luckily no one was in there ~ and guess what I found….

Think he's a bed hog?
Think he’s a bed hog?

(You know where this is going, right???)

Yep, I found a place to nap while Tater is in class.  I probably should check to make sure they aren’t just off for the day, come in and find me in one of their beds, sorta like a silver-haired Goldilocks (would that be Silverlocks???).

Maybe I’ll take the bed farthest from the door and bring my own pillow…I bet those plastic guys don’t know a good pillow from a rock.  I do hate a bed hog, so I’ll just have to remove the guy from MY bed and stash him someplace.

Think he’ll sit up in a chair?

Oh, and I’ll need a wake-up call for about 4:15, k?



Thanks for reading what I write and hanging out with me…..I sure do appreciate it.  I love to read your comments and promise to reply, so thanks for letting me know if you love what you’ve read, too.  And hey, sharing my posts works for me, too!  Cheers 😀


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