Thanks crazy boss lady….

You’re the Most Beautiful….

Funny how 4 little words can stick with you.  Ok, a little background.

In my other life, you know ~ the one before Tater ~ I worked in Corporate America…had the desk, the office, the name plate, the extension and all that jazz.  Even wore a suit on occasion and people thought I knew what I was talking about.  FUN. STUFF.

However, I worked for a crazy lady.  I mean a bat-shit crazy lady.  For REAL.  I know lots of ya’ll have worked for Crazy People, too, and lemme tell ya ~ she was right up there with them ALL.  But she was just on the edge of crazy and smart enough not to get fired so she hung around, making my life interesting….and often miserable.

BUT ~ once (and yes…only once) she did something nice and I was reminded of that recently when I found an old picture of a wedding I went to.

I was in that picture along with about 25 other people.  For some unknown reason, I had that picture at work (I’m pretty sure it was an actual hold-in-your-hand picture and not on my phone because HELLO ~ long time ago…phone was a PHONE!).  I’m pretty sure it had the bride and groom in it and lots of other people I knew.  BUT, crazy boss lady didn’t know anyone in that picture except me.

Remember…there was a BRIDE in the picture.

But she looked at that picture and then said, “You’re the Most Beautiful”.

Now, that simply wasn’t true….I stood out like a daisy in a rose garden because I thought it made sense to wear a peach colored pant suit to this summer wedding where everyone else was wearing appropriate summer wedding clothes.  (Peach Colored PANT SUIT…did I mention this was a long time ago….)

This isn't the ACTUAL pant suit because that's LONG gone....
This isn’t the ACTUAL pant suit because that’s LONG gone….

But that’s what she said…and even though I knew in my insides that I wasn’t the most beautiful and I knew crazy boss lady wasn’t blind (but she was crazy), it made me feel really good.

I had that same feeling when I found the picture recently and even though I DO know all those people in the picture and there were beautiful people all around me, I remember the words “You’re the Most Beautiful.”

Thanks crazy boss lady……now about that write-up from 2003…..

** This makes me KNOW that I need to say nice things to people more often….it REALLY is the little things, ya’ll…..Carry on!


Thanks for reading my blog ~ if you like it, think it’s funny or just made you smile, please share it with others and like it, too ~ I really appreciate it….and I PROMISE to read every comment and answer almost all of them (I don’t answer the scary stalker ones, so if you’re gonna be a scary stalker, just don’t leave a message, k?)


  1. Yes,I’ve had a few bosses that were Bat~ Shit Cray Cray also….But I’ve moved on and I’m a better person for that now!!!You Rock Sasha!!Have a Great Beautiful Day!!!😍


  2. was sitting at a restaurant not too long ago and my waiter looks at me and stated
    “you have the prettiest blue eyes” made me smile.


  3. Several…(ahem) years ago people and I’m talking women and men would tell me what great legs I had. My 22 year old daughter and I were walking down the street in our little town…she in shorts and my 60 year old self in my capris when a guy pulled over to the curb, rolled his window down, told my daughter what stunning legs she has and said “she must get them from her mama!!” Waved at me and rolled on down the road. Made my day!!


    • Shelby ~ LOVE it…isn’t that just the BEST! It just made your day and probably was something your daughter will always remember, too!! Cheers~


  4. Let me add, my Dad told me once “your legs look like a wrestlers” and a classmate my senior year said “gawd you have big feet”


  5. I was in a locker room at work — had gotten my scrubs on and was gowning up — and a lady with awkward English told me “I think you are beautiful” — I’m still touched…and flattered… In college I would NEVER go without mascara…then a boyfriend came over and caught me just out of the shower…and he said ‘oh my your eyes are beautiful’.. I STOPPED wearing mascara , that was over 20 years ago


    • Anet ~ You are beautiful and you do have BEAUTIFUL eyes 😉 and isn’t it still amazing when people say these things to us…it shouldn’t be, but it is. And my feet are bigger than yours….


  6. Sasha, I had a complete stranger in a Denny’s in Las Vegas tell me I had the loveliest skin she had ever seen. This was a number of years ago and I have never forgotten that compliment. Amazing how the kind words of someone will stick in your mind.


    • Oh Cheryl….it’s almost better when it’s a stranger because you know it doesn’t have any hidden meaning! Yep, the little things!!!


  7. You are so right. I was once on a Greyhound bus coming home from Memphis where I’d gone to see the Eagles perform (my car had broken down and well..hello! I HAD to get there to see the Eagles!)… and as I was sitting in my seat, a few rows back from the front, waiting for everyone to load. I look up in the rearview mirror and the bus driver, an older man, is looking right at me and he says, “You are absolutely stunning”. I was taken aback. I’d never been called that before. It has stuck with me ever since…. that someone found me stunning. And when I’m having a bad makeup day (which is more often than not now with all these crows feet and extra bags under my eyes), I try to remember what that man told me. That I was stunning. And it usually makes me feel better.

    So now, I try to compliment others…b/c you just never know what will stick with them when they need it.
    ~Robin Bobo (from Facebook)


    • Robin ~ What a great story….and Stunning…isn’t that a fabulous thing for someone to say. Yep, I’m gonna tell even MORE people that I think they look great, good, fabulous, whatever I think…and maybe in 15 years, they’ll be having a bad day and remember that!! Thanks for a great story and for sharing it!


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