Ain’t wearing no UGLY shoe…..

Apparently, if you are just living your life, you can break your foot.

Now, I’m not really one to exercise much. Ok, at all (details…) but that doesn’t mean I don’t do anything.  Have flippin Mercy, I do what we all do every day ~ LIVE.  And THAT involves quite a bit of moving around.

But last week, I helped move about a hundred boxes when my Parents finally got 80 years of living packed up and moved here.  I didn’t drop a single box, didn’t push any of the boxes with my feet, didn’t trip, fall or stumble and didn’t even come close to finishing the stuff that goes into moving.

I did sweat.  A Lot.  I would like to say “I glistened” or “I sparkled” but no….I sweated like a pig and probably smelled  a little like one, too.

The next day, I hurt.  All Over.   Like the hurt-all-over you get from moving a hundred boxes when normally you just move yourself, some laundry and a big bag of cat food occasionally.

Two days later, my foot hurt.  But I was still hurting all over so I just took some Tylenol and went on about my life.

By Friday, it was swollen and very painful to walk or stand.  So, naturally I didn’t do anything until Saturday morning when I went to Urgent Care.  Where the good doc told me to take 2 ibuprofen every 8 hours and go see my Primary Care Physician if it wasn’t better on Monday.  (‘cuse me, Can I get a refund on my co-pay, please???)

On Tuesday (I’m never in a hurry to go to the doctor….), I called my PCP because it was still swollen and still hurt.  And THEY were closed for the week and suggested I go to Urgent Care.  Thanks, but NO!

So I just called the Orthopedic folks who couldn’t see me until Thursday.  Oh Joy.

But this fabulous Doctor listened to what I said, poked my foot, saw the swelling and said, “I’m pretty sure it’s broken because the only thing under the skin where it hurts is bone”.

“But Doctor, I didn’t DO anything to my foot.”

Doesn’t matter….if you do ‘more than you normally do’ then the muscles get over-stressed and the bones have no cushion to protect them and they break.  (I’m pretty sure I over-simplied that…)  The best part was when he likened my injury to an athletes injury….and then he said if you garden a lot that could do it, too.  I liked the athlete’s injury part better, so I’ll just go with that.

And finally, after all is said and done, I have a lovely orthopedic black ‘Shoe’ to wear for the next 2 weeks ~ then another x-ray and we’ll see how it’s doing and decide how to proceed from there.

BUT WAIT!  Do you REALLY think I’m gonna wear this ugly-ass, black, square toed, velcro’d piece of polyester for 2 weeks WITHOUT any bling?

Ugly ass 'shoe'
Ugly ass ‘shoe’

Not on your happy life!

And since I’m a scrap booking, Mighty-Dollar-going, bling maniac, I just hobbled up to my craft supplies, picked out a few packs of stickers, got my glue gun and went to work.

I think I like it…can’t WAIT to show it off 🙂

LOVE the little flowers :D
LOVE the little flowers 😀
Even the back got some fun...and I HAD to find a place for 'Cheers'!
Even the back got some fun…and I HAD to find a place for ‘Cheers’!
And isn't it lovely with those white socks....
And isn’t it lovely with those white socks….



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  1. Oh Sasha, where were you last month when I had foot surgery and had to wear an ugly ass shoe for a whole month??!! I totally would have copied your work! Looks good girlfriend, wear it in good health!


    • Oh CJ~Wish I could have blinged up your ugly ass shoe! And I REALLY hope I don’t have to wear it for a month – ugh!! I may need some re-blinging… 😀


  2. Looks Aewsomesause!!!Bling and Glitter it! You Rock Sasha! Wishes for a speedy recovery..


  3. I’ve been there-often-and I love your attitude. Broken leg twice, broken knee,,,,ankle surgery & foot surgery over a 40 year span. Attitude is the only thing that gets you through with lots of laughs! Heal quickly.


    • Judy ~ Thanks! It’s really a biotch, but really, what’s a girl gonna do 🙂 I thought a little ‘bling’ would make me, and others, smile so here we are! Glad you’re healed up ~ Cheers!


    • Yes, I HAVE to get some other socks…I can’t wear it without a sock because it rubs my ankle, so I’ve gotta find CUTE socks…wonder if they make GLITTER socks… 😉


  4. Oh my……ok, so you’ll have to hobble somewhere and eat lunch with me…..perhaps our usual place since your parking is so close and I can walk there! 🙂


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