Oh My Watermelon……

You Might have been one of the kazillion people that saw the post about the watermelon soaked in tequila, then dipped in coarse salt….BOOM!  A Watermelon Margarita you can eat!! Holy Mother of fruit ~ I KNEW I had to try it….Immediately!

So I bought a watermelon (I love how it’s a PERSONAL watermelon, which means it’s JUST for me!), gathered my tequila (of COURSE I already had tequila) and went to work.

My own Personal Watermelon
My own Personal Watermelon

I cut the pieces up, only because I thought it’d be easier and less messy and Lord knows I don’t need any help being messy!

That's what is known as a Big Honkin' Knife!!
That’s what is known as a Big Honkin’ Knife!!

Then I put them in a shallow bowl, poured some tequila and waited through the longest 30 minutes in the history of timers.

Deliciousness in a bowl....
Deliciousness in a bowl….

I didn’t cover the watermelon with the tequila, but did turn the watermelon over about half way thru the soaking process (otherwise known as when I went over to see what was happening in that bowl and said, “Hey, maybe I should turn these over”.)

FINALLY, the timer ended and I got a few pieces out, put them on my beautiful shoe plate, and put too much salt on them.



These were absolutely amazing!! I might even put less tequila next time, because they definitely had a twang…..I could feel it after only 5 or 10 pieces 😉

Let me try just ONE more piece, just to MAKE sure they are perfect!!!
Let me try just ONE more piece, just to MAKE sure they are perfect!!!

I also didn’t refrigerate mine because I don’t like cold foods.  Didn’t seem to matter. At. ALL!

The funniest part….Mac came home while I was on the phone and spied the watermelon in the bowl.  Already cut up and ready to eat.  Which he did.  And if I only had a picture of his face when he tasted the tequila….bwahahahaha!

The best part….I still have half my Personal Watermelon Left!!!

Cheers ya’ll!!!

Thanks for hanging out and reading my blog!  If you love it, share it with your friends and I bet they’ll love it, too.  You get to take the credit for giving them a laugh 🙂 and I get to entertain even more people.  Scary, ain’t it….


  1. You are making me want to denounce my vow to wait until our Hope Watermelons come in season. I’ve been trying really hard to have patience and not buy one at the store that was shipped in from Mexico or *gasp*..Texas! But dang that looks good. I’ve had them soaked with vodka before…but not tequila…. I’ve had a watermelon martini before, which had a chunk of melon in it…. and now I want to try this!
    ~Robin Bobo (on facebook)


  2. Keen to give this a go! Looks sooo good.
    I was recently introduced to tequila, orange slices and cinnamon which was not a bad combo either..good enough to have quite a few over the coirse of the night (which says a lot as I dont typically like cinnamon at all!)


  3. I am TOTALY making this for the adults on the camping trip this weekend. I’m thinking I may just pop a whole into the watermellon, pour in the hooch and let it sit until Saturday night’s camp fire.


    • Jennifer ~ it is Amazing! And yes, that would work, too! You know, even a baggie with tequila and watermelon in it would work…Ooohhh, new idea!!!!


    • Rebecca, I can delete it, but no idea how to correct it! ha, no problem, we’ll just let it roll. Someone else said Sugar, too…I’ll have to try that one, too!! Cheers!


  4. Thanks for sharing your experience. Two of my favorites…watermelon and tequila. I may be in heaven in South Louisiana!


  5. ok, now I GOTTA try these 🙂 I’m not a huge fan of watermelon, but I suspect this recipe could persuade me to become a fan!


    • Rebecca ~ We all love watermelon, but THIS! This has taken it to a new level! I was talking to a girlfriend this weekend and she said she didn’t like watermelon and was gonna try it with honeydew!! Whatever works!!


      • I think I’ll dip it coarse sugar, though, as I prefer my margarita glass rimmed with salt rather than sugar 😉


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