Hey You! Yes, You! Wave Back!

I was feeling pretty good ~ you know the days….your hair decided it liked you and would play well with others.  Your makeup looked more like Cover Girl intended it to and less like a 4-year-old applied it while driving on the interstate.  All your clothes actually fit and those pieces that didn’t, weren’t noticeable.  And they all matched….sorta.  You even had on cute shoes and as a bonus, they were comfortable.

Good Day for me…..I added my “I’m the only one that knows how this story ends” bracelet, lots of glitter and lipstick and headed out for a meeting and several errands.

Seemed like to me there wasn’t enough sunshine or glitter or sparkle in the world lately and I was pretty sure there were lots of ugly, mean, hateful and unhappy in its place.  I was fixin’ to see if I could change a little, tiny piece of my world, and this is what happened…..AND it was so simple ya’ll are just gonna be blown away.

Remember I was feeling pretty good?  Well, it was a pretty day, too.  The windows were rolled down (ok, just the driver’s side, I HAVE to protect the hair…..) and I was ‘in town’ so I was going sorta slow.  And, just like in small towns all over the country (and world?  Probably…), there were banks, businesses, restaurants, and people on the sidewalks.

Lots of people.  (Some people….)

And I decided to Wave, Smile and say Hello to EVERY. SINGLE. PERSON I saw. Now, luckily for me, this town is small…..so there’s not a ton of people.  Ok, there were 10. Ten people were all I saw, but I still waved at all of them.

And here’s the interesting part….EVERY SINGLE MALE waved back, smiled, said hello, or somehow acknowledged that I existed.  And just in case you think I had the boobs hanging out or was pulling a Miley Cyrus, I took a picture so you could see I was as normal as I get….

Waving woman!
Waving woman!

And the women I waved at?  They looked at me like I was their crazy Aunt Edith coming in for the holiday kiss on each cheek.  One….ONE woman waved back at me.  And that was a “I really have no idea who you are but I’ll wave back anyway” wave, not a real “Hi-How are ya?” wave.

Do you think we are that paranoid, that wrapped up in our own world, that desensitized to other people that we won’t even wave when some crazy woman, who really appears harmless, waves at us? And WHAT is it with the women that wouldn’t wave?  Are we that much more cautious?

Maybe….I know I’ve very cautious (of course that MIGHT be because I watch NCIS and a host of other initials and KNOW what could happen) but I WANT to think I’d wave if someone waved at me.

So, I have no real answers but must continue my research….I’ll be out tomorrow, same area, around lunchtime.  Hope there are lots (more than 10) people out in town, walking wherever they have to walk and that some of them wave back.  And I hope it’s not raining because having the window down in the rain REALLY messes up my hair….

And if you see some glittered up, silver-haired chic in a big black truck waving like crazy at ya, wave back, okay?


Thanks for reading my blog ~ if you love it, or even if you just like it, share it with your friends.  It’s always more fun to laugh with friends.  Maybe you should read it while you’re drinking….then it would be even funnier 🙂  Cheers ya’ll!


  1. Good for you Sasha! I always smile at people say hello or just wave for no reason except to make someone else’s day ,but I must say most people don’t respond and living in nj well we will just leave it at that lol!! Keep slinging the glitter girl because I know I will regardless !!


    • Robyn ~ Ha! I have totally noticed it bigger cities people don’t make eye contact or smile or wave. And sometimes I don’t either but for the most part, I’m a smiler and waver 🙂 Slinging glitter every day here!


  2. You made me grin! I’d wave back, if I were to notice because I can pass my own kin in the street and not recognize them….When I’m out in the park outhere, walking the dog, I tend to greet everyone and smile. I just think it might make someones day, you know! ANd it’s good that you’re doing that too. You have no idea who’s day you totally brightened up with your glitter, happy hair, and huge smile. You’re the bomb girl!


  3. Sasha, I’m guilty of being in my own little world, but I’m gonna look out for ya and start waving, too!! Just in case… Glitter up, girl!!


  4. My mother was from the south where you celebrate your crazy relatives and put them out on the front porch for all to see. She had a crazy cousin named Zula Mae and good ol Zula would hang out of the window of the car as they stove thru town and holler ‘a man, a man’ at ever male she saw! They would wave back but the women were horrified. Things haven’t changed much. We women need to get our knickers out of a knot and loosen up!!


  5. Hey Sasha….the world sure could use more of that And your kindness!!👋👋👋….I try and do something kind everyday no matter how small the gesture..Keep on keeping on Sasha!!!YOU ROCK GLITTER AND ALL!!😍


    • Teresa ~ Every little thing matters to someone so we should keep on slinging glitter ~ I know little things have made a huge difference to me in the past so I gotta keep believing! Cheers girl!


  6. I always make it a point to smile at everyone that passes me and honestly, I just don’t pay attention if they smile back. Kind of my way of just making things a bit better and hoping that maybe they’ll think about the person who gave them a smile and give someone else a smile. Keep throwing those waves and glitter!


    • Michelle ~ I don’t always so I wanted to make that extra effort. Good for you to always do it…often I’m in ‘my own world’ so I know there are lots of people that are in theirs, too. However, when someone does acknowledge me or smile at me it ALWAYS makes me smile and be a little lighter and happier. Thought I’d try to share that so we’ll see if it works!! Thanks chic! And I’m throwing!


  7. I live in a big city so first thing they would do if I waved would be to haul me off to the loonie bin lmao <<<<<<waves back at you 🙂


  8. Timely! I live in a big city however my neighborhood includes a mountain preserve – (mountain/park like area where no one can build), so there are always people exercising, hiking, walking their dogs, etc. I recently starting waving at all of them. At first, most responses were like “what kind of weirdo are you,” but now we all wave at each other like long lost friends. It’s been a fun little trend to start. 🙂


    • Cj ~ That is Fabulous! LOVE it…and isn’t it funny how we become ‘friends’ after just a few waves! Yes, there are whack job crazy people out there but I’m GOING to believe that there are more almost-normal people out there…. 😀


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