Just call me Fancy…..but not too often

I don’t usually post pictures of our dinner  (or any meal) on Facebook, because nobody would get too excited about my tacos, hamburgers or stew beef.  Let’s be honest ~ there’s really nothing too special about them.  And they ain’t looking so hot either.  They taste pretty good, but aren’t exactly picture ready.

Now, I’m not a great cook….some days, I’m not even a good cook.  But I can feed the mouths that show up at my table, as long as they don’t want anything too fancy.

But tonight….Mac said, “I sure wish I had one of the Meat and Cheese trays from Crescent Moon.”  (One of our favorite pubs.)

Hmmmm, I MIGHT can pull that off…..and I’m thinking about the fancy meats he would want on that Meat and Cheese Tray ~ salami, pepperoni, prosciutto (yep, had to look it up).  Now usually, the only meats in my ‘frig are hot dogs, some bologna, a pack or 5 of bacon and at least one pack of sausage.  (Of COURSE there’s bacon..HELLO!).  BUT remember, I went to Sam’s today.  And just because I’m the fabulous, loving wife of a Mac, I bought some fancy meats for him…..nothing I’M gonna eat, but he loves that stuff.  And really, tossing it in the buggy, already cut up and in a nice little plastic divided tray was just a bonus.

OK, the meat is covered.  Now to the Cheese:  Sliced American in the plastic wrapper or shredded taco?  Choices are good…..BUT, I dug around in the crisper drawer (WTH does Crisper even MEAN?) and found some brie that wasn’t moldy (SCORE!), a smidgen of a cheddar block we had for something, and some kinda weird cheese Mac got last weekend.  I am WAY ahead at this point.

Now, I need to say that I HATE pickles.  HATE HATE HATE pickles.  I don’t want them ANYWHERE near my plate, my food, or my life.  HATE pickles.  And Of COURSE Mac loves them.  And Tater loves olives just to spite me, I’m sure.

But, he had a jar of those nasty little things in the frig and I found a jar of olives, too.  I tell ya, I am Gonna ROCK this cheese and meat tray…..

We eat a LOT of crackers in our family so I had bought a box ‘o crackers at Sam’s a while back, which means we had 5 opened bags of crackers in various places in the pantry ~ all in different  baggies because we wouldn’t want any cross-contamination of a soda cracker and a cheese cracker, now would we?  (Note to self…buy more baggies.)  So crackers are Covered ~ I do believe I am done!

And THAT’S why there’s a picture of a Meat and Cheese tray on here ~ cause I was pretty damn proud of it,  and I’m not even ashamed to admit it. and yes…Mac loved it….although he wasn’t nearly as excited about it as I was 🙂


Tomorrow I’m thinking I’ll fix some peach cobbler….(Note to self ~ go to deli at Ingles….)


Thank YOU for reading my words ~ I hope you smile, or laugh, or giggle or snort. At least once.  If you do, leave me a comment and tell me about it ~ I love to hear from you.  If you think it’s hilarious (on occasion, I can do hilarity), then share it, too.   It’s the little things ya’ll!  Cheers!


  1. We must have gone to the same culinary school! My husband says I don’t cook…I assemble. You know, a can of this, a box of that, add a package of the other and, tada…dinner! Thank goodness he will eat anything.

    And, gotta love Sam’s. We actually had a Valentines date there one year. Had pizza, a diet Coke, and walked the isles. You are only allowed to do that after you have been married at least 20 years, though.

    Keep the funny stuff coming! Makes my day!!!


    • Oh Diane ~ A date at Sam’s…LOVE it! I often think…we’re here, there’s a concession stand…let’s eat! And Assemble…can of this, box o that, add a package and tada ~ LOVE, LOVE it! Cheers girl!


  2. if its COOKED its fancier than my meals, tonight …trail mix, last night …trail mix and a couple of oranges, night before carrots and hummus.. and this CJEllis lady…the only way I get that good of food is if I somehow get invited to dinner on someone’s expense account


    • Anet ~ Often, cooking is optional 🙂 brie (warmed, not cooked), crackers and cheese….and yeah, I have NEVER cooked most of those things!!!


  3. Wow….wish I could get “off” so easy! Generally speaking, our evening meal is usually THE meal of the day. Tonight was from Justin Wilson cookbook – braised chicken in a sautern wine, with chick peas & shittake mushrooms, served over risotto. My mistake was letting my husband know I could cook; his mistake was showing me he could too! So we generally have these lucious meals…sadly there is only two of us at home so we always have left overs (I’d rather cook for a 100 than cook for two). We collect cookbooks as a hobby and cook out of all of them at some point or another.


    • CJ ~ WOW! That sounds amazing….Mac is a MUCH better cook than I am but when he’s in town I try to put some food on the table since I am home most of the time. But I really am NOT a good cook…I can read a cook book and can get all the ingredients and do what it says, but I don’t have that natural knack for putting it all together ~ sounds like ya’ll have it going on!! Cheers!


  4. Looking good girl!!! And as I said before you can rock anything!!!!Should have sprinkled a lil glitter around the plate,for just your special touch….anywhoo,it looks Awesomesauce ❤❤


  5. when I read your posts I almost see you living just a few miles from me and we will do lunch some day. (AT SAM’s). I went to sams yesterday and got baby swiss and Havarti dill and a package of the little rye bread.and a bottle of wine. our tomorrow dinner at camp
    at the lake.


  6. Looks like some of my dinners….Christmas Eve?..boiled shrimp, cheese tray, meat tray, cracker tray, pickles and olives, chips and dip. Every year…same ole same ole…kids will not let me change it….course there was the year I battered fried the shrimp…kids threatened to never come again….I forgot to take the shells off before battering!


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