When your life goes Whack Ball Crazy…remember this ~

(Posted on my Facebook Page on 5-5-14)
So I’m with my dad during pre-op at the hospital for his back surgery later this week and I was waiting in the lobby while they did his blood work and all that fun stuff. I was reading and there was a lady sitting beside me.She saw my bracelet and said, “what does that mean?”
Bracelet with jean skirt
I’m the only one that knows how my story ends

I told her TO ME it meant that I was in control of my life but that my life went total whack ball crazy sometimes. And these words helped me to remember that I could go whack ball crazy with whatever was happening or I could stop, take a breath and change the way I Looked at it sometimes and decide how THIS story ends.

See, I have always thought about my obstacles as individual ones …. and that I can only conquer one at a time. As soon as I finish one, then I’ll tackle the next one.

She looked at me and said …. I guess I need me one of those bracelets so I can remember that, too.

And THAT is why I chose these words for my very first bracelet. “I’m the only one that knows how my story ends”.  I hope they remind you that you’re still in control of your life, even the whack ball crazy days when the snit wiggles come out and try to take over.

It’s the little things y’all …

(If you are interested in getting your own bracelet to help remember you are in control of the snit wiggles, you can find them on the “Shop” tab.)
Thanks for hanging out with me and reading my blog…if anything makes you laugh, giggle, cry, snort, or spit out your drink, share it with your friends.  Didn’t your mama always tell you to share?  😀


  1. Sasha, do you sell these bracelets?? I have just come across this blog and I love that bracelet (and the blog) wanted to know if I could purchase one or two. Have a great one !!!


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