I’ll be keeping my day job…

“Yes, YOU can paint!”

Well, sorta….but it’s a good idea to bring something to drink so you won’t care as much that you CAN’T Paint 🙂

6 of us gathered at the Paintin’ Place and took our seats.  There were tables on both sides of us with 6 people at each ~ but I noticed none of them carried little coolers in with Diet Pepsi, Ice, Cups and Airplane bottles.  Rookies…..

For $35, I would take home the “Painting of the Day”…..a cowboy boot with sunflowers in it.  Pretty Cool, Huh?

The Artist Rendition of our Painting
The Artist Rendition of our Painting

‘Cept I can’t Paint.  Not even a LITTLE bit.

The instructor was an artist and said this was his first time teaching this class….bless his heart.  He just had no clue what he was in for.  He asked if anyone was celebrating anything special ~ when no one answered, I told him I was all glittered up and ready to go.  For some reason, he didn’t  have a response….hmph.

So we all  had a canvas with a pencil drawing of what we were supposed to paint.  We also had paintbrushes and a paper plate with 7 colors on there…and none of those colors were pink. I could tell RIGHT THERE we were gonna have a little issue….but luckily, I spied a LOT of paint on the table at the front of the room and made myself at home by going ahead and getting my Pink and Green 🙂

Our Canvas with the pencil drawing...it was just like Coloring....sorta
Our Canvas with the pencil drawing…it was just like Coloring….sorta

And so we began.  Well, I began drinking and thinking about all that white canvas space and what I was supposed to use and put there and how to do it and what colors to use and how to make it all match and HOW DID HE GET THOSE LINES IN THERE and why wasn’t there any pink on that boot and could my flowers be pink and WHERE was I gonna put my glitter and HOW was I gonna do it without getting it EVERYWHERE but really, that’s not a problem and could I just take this home and do it cause I really don’t think I know HOW….

And then my friends, said, “Suck it up Buttercup and put some paint on that damn canvas”.

Thank Gawd ~ so I mixed some colors, played around on the canvas, ignored the suggestions (not necessarily a good plan….), got more colors, drank a few more sips, and finished early.  Really, what else could you do with this…bwahahahaha!

Ta-Da!  My pink and brown boot with Pink Sunflowers and GLITTER!!!
Ta-Da! My pink and brown boot with Pink Sunflowers and GLITTER!!!

Maybe I’ll give it for a gift……..I bet my Mama would like it 😀


Thanks for reading my blog ~ if you want to leave a comment, I promise I’ll read it and respond because I LOVE comments.

 And if you really love it, share it with your friends and have a margarita while you’re reading the blog out loud.  At the bar.  With other people near by.  It’s even FUNNIER then!  🙂 Cheers!


  1. I think I like your painting better anyway!!! I have always been too scared to go to one of those classes because I can’t paint either and my best friend is an “artist” I just make her do my stuff for me lol! I have it figured out 🙂 Now a bartending class I could go too!!


    • Becky ~ Yeah, one of my besties is an artist and she was taking the class with us…hers was OFF the Charts! It looked MUCH better than the ‘teacher’ one – ha! Oh and a bartending class? Yep, sign me up and TAKE my MONEY!!


  2. I love your pink and yellow and brown boot, and sunflowers look much better pink… I am not a huge fan of sunflowers, but I LOVE pink carnations, so I like the way you interpret sunflowers!


  3. I bet your Mama WOULD like it! She’d do what Mamas have been doing since they invented refrigerators and magnets…stick a magnet in each corner and proudly display what the youngun did in school today!! You go girl….half the fun in doing is trying!!


  4. Sasha, I am so glad girl you got your glitter on! Love the painting, besides beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right? …..lol Actually it is wicked awesome. We are getting tons of those places around our area, I havent been yet because I KNOW I cant paint….lol ❤ to you and to Macdaddy for being so sweet to you about the painting!


  5. I hung mine in the downstairs powder bath, my husband was not too happy. I like it! It is a crooked bike in front of a window! I love the paint and wine workshops!! I am not a painter at all!


    • Julie ~ I think that would be an awesome pic to paint! I texted a picture of it to Mac and he responded “That’s…..remarkable” Bwahahahaha ~ bless him, he tried!


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