The Leprechaun does WHAT?

  • Time and Date:  5:00 pm on March 17, 2014
  • Location:  McGuires Irish Pub and restaurant
  • Scene:  Tater, Sasha and Pam sitting at booth, waiting on one person to begin meeting.  Tater is already eating her Happy Meal.  There are St. Patrick’s Day Decorations EVERYWHERE, the wait staff is dressed to the Greens and every table has Shamrock Necklaces.

Tater:  (Big-Eyed at all the HAPPENINGS) Can I put this necklace on?

Sasha:  Sure, baby. 

Tater:  (Tearing open package) Heeeeyyyyy, remember it’s St. Patrick’s Day, right?  

Sasha:  Yep, it sure is.

Tater:  Heeeeyyyy, When does the Leprechaun come to the house?

Sasha:  Do wha?

Tater:  You know, the Leprechaun.  It comes to the house and leaves me stuff.

Sasha:  No baby, I don’t think so.

Tater:  Uh huh!  It did last year.  Member, it put stuff in MacDaddy’s big green Leprechaun hat and it was on the table and there was candy and stuff inside. So, does it come tonight?  When does it come, Sasha?

Sasha:  dammit…I Mean, I’m not sure.  We’ll have to ask somebody.

Tater:  I think it’s tonight.  It IS St. Patrick’s Day.  You said so and so did my teacher.

Sasha:  I’m not sure….

Tater:  Uh huh…I know it’s tonight.

And THAT’s why MacDaddy’s Leprechaun Hat is filled with a box of M&M’s, some Easter Sixlets, four glitter bracelets from a stashed birthday bag and a My Little Pony knockoff from Dollar General, because I had to stop and get some ‘tape’…… Didn’t see THAT one coming…..

IMG_2798 ***************************************************************** Thanks for reading my blog ~ if you want to leave a comment, I promise I’ll read it and respond because I LOVE comments.  And if you really love it, share it with your friends and have a margarita while you’re reading the blog out loud.  At the bar.  With other people near by.  It’s even FUNNIER then!  🙂 Cheers!


  1. The box of M&M’s, Easter Sixlets, glitter bracelets the My Little Pony knockoff were great touches. I mean, I would have thought potatoes, green beer and corned beef, not at all what a little Tater would go for. You done good Sasha! 😉


    • Better not a damn thing happen! Oh wait….Cinco de Mayo is a whole ‘nuther story…cause if there’s Margarita fairy, it BETTER stop at my house! Cheers!


  2. I’m putting out my favorite beer mug tonight in case the leprechaun drops by my house. Tell Tater thanks for reminding me!

    “May the winds of fortune sail you,
    May you sail a gentle sea.
    May it always be the other guy
    who says, “this drink’s on me.”


  3. oh Sasha, The Leprechauns that come to our area play tricks on our houses, they don’t leave things. And now the tradition has been passed down to our grand daughters. my 8 year old one called today and said” that darn leprechaun was already at their house this morning and put her sneakers up on the ceiling fan and put some shamrock decorations they had on the window in her back pack. However, the Leprechaun trap her 11 year old sister made, the leprechaun never got caught. she said her sister made it from a shoebox and a ruler holding it open and she put lucky charms in under it… but the leprechaun ate the cereal and the ruler never fell over to catch it!!!” What fun!… perhaps we will send the Seamus your way next year! For the whole month my kids when they were little kept waiting everyday to see what trouble or tricks the Leprechaun would do. ❤ to you all!


    • Kathleen ~ WOW! I have never heard of such…and THAT does sound like fun…sorta like the Elf on the Shelf. If I can remember that next year, I’ll try it. Thanks for the info!!


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