Just one of the cool kids….

I’m not cool enough for Starbucks….

I went IN to Starbucks yesterday ~ mainly because I needed to use the restroom ~ but don’t tell them that, ok?  AND I really, REALLY wanted one of those Super Cool, Amazing, How-do-they-do-that Birthday Cake cake pops.  I am apparently addicted.  Dammit.  Like I needed another addiction…

Anyhoo, I go IN to Starbucks, instead of using the Drive-thru and just ordering one Cake Pop (who does that?).  I thought, “Hey, they have drinks…I’ll get a drink.”

Bwahahahahahaha.  Jokes on ME!

I looked at their menu…and I posted it here for you just in case you’re not familiar with it….


Let me tell you right here….I’m a McDonald’s Girl (and PLEASE let’s not go into how unhealthy/terrible/insert McD’sBashing here…).  I LOVE Sweet Tea and Egg McMuffins and little cheeseburgers and McD’s Fries.

Back to the Starbucks store….I’m in there, looking at that bodacious, giant menu with words that I can’t pronounce and thinking…all I really want is a Iced Caramel Mocha, cause I KNOW what that is (you have some ice, some caramel and some chocolate…).  So I order something that looks kinda close….Iced Caramel Macchiato.

While I wait my turn, I look around and see all those tables, and people on their laptops, and think ~ this would be cool. I could come here and work and BE COOL.   They all look chic and happy and like they know what they’re doing.

I get my Iced Caramel whatever and hit the door.  I quickly open my bag of Cake Pop Deliciousness and take that 1st mind-blowing bite.  I should savor it and eat it slowly ~ but that ain’t happening.  Then I sip my Caramel Whatever…and discover it’s an expresso drink.  I should mention here that I don’t really Like Coffee….

So THIS morning, I dropped Tater off at school and drove the 3 miles to McD’s, where I got my Egg McMuffin, my Large Sweet Tea and went home.  Where I got out my laptop, and began to work.

I guess I’ll never be cool enough for Starbucks, but I’d much rather work in my pajama pants (yep, went thru McD’s drive thru with PJ pants on) at my kitchen table…..and from now on, I’ll  just hit the drive thru next time I’m in “Town” and get one of those Cake Pop thingys…or maybe two.

Always fabulous, right?  LOL!
Always fabulous, right? LOL!


Thanks for reading my blog ~ if you want to leave a comment, I promise I’ll read it and respond because I LOVE comments.  And if you really love it, share it with your friends and have a margarita while you’re reading the blog out loud.  At the bar.  With other people near by.  It’s even FUNNIER then!  🙂 Cheers!


  1. I have no idea what a cake pop thingy is.I have been to Starbucks once and could not believe I couldn’t just get a ordinary regular old cup of coffee.I ended up paying $5 for an espresso that I thought was much smaller than the shots of whiskey I get at my local watering hole. needless to say I have never been back and when I do want something sweet and a cup of Joe, there’s a Dunkin Donuts not far from me. Love your blog babe


    • Mitch ~ Shots of whiskey at your local watering hole are simply the best 🙂 And yeah, Dunkin Donuts Rocks! But really, you might want to try the Cake Pop Thingy…if you like cake! Cheers 😀


  2. I usually go in and get a Toffee Nut Latte – decaf…it costs me $4.89. Now what the hell do that put in that that costs that much money. Blows my mind, but I do love it! Banana bread I get each time I go in for my husband. He loves it. So, I can’t get out of there without spending close to $8.00 each time.


    • Oh Banana Bread ~ YUM~!! And a toffee nut Latte? Sounds fab!! And YES ~ I got some coffee drink and 4 cake pops (stash, I tell ya…stash!) and it was $9!!!!


  3. Lol….besides starbucks is way over priced!! I make my own which im quite found of…also been to mickey d’s numerous time in my jammies…..your my kinda girl Sasha!!!❤you rock!!


    • Teresa ~ ha! Yes, they are quite proud of their goods…I don’t mind paying for something I really, really want (like those CAKE POPS!!!), though, so it probably all reasons out in my head. But I’m a McD’s girl thru and thru – Ha! Cheers 🙂


  4. Well. I just LOOVVVEE Starbucks so I have to disagree with you there. Love me some coffee! But my granddaughter just adores those cake pops so everytime we pass a Starbucks of course Grandma has to stop….we have tried making those cake pops…they don’t look nearly as pretty as store-bought.
    As for looking cool, I wouldn’t give that another thought. How many of those kids have a blog????
    Have another sweet tea!


    • Vicki 🙂 I have tried to make cake pops….it’s pretty funny. I usually end up eating them with a spoon – ha! And yes, I sometimes even take Tater one ~ cheers Lady!!!


  5. I love Starbucks I even have the app on my phone to get the rewards, but that being said I order the same thing every time and my husband always makes a face for my $3.00 Shaken Sweet Tea with 3 Raw Sugars and Extra Ice but that is my treat will lets just say one of my habits. Have a great day. I love reading your blog and all the comments that are left.


    • Shellie ~ I love hot chocolate and will get that most times, because I don’t even know what the other stuff is ~ ha. BUT I am ADDICTED to Cake Pops!!! And thanks for the love ~ Cheers !


  6. I’ve never been “cool” and when I think I might can pull it off I usually do something like tripping, spilling or running into something/somebody! Haha. At least I’m cool enough to laugh at myself. Not sure “cool” is all it’s cracked up to be.


    • Jeri 🙂 I have used McD’s as a meeting place lots of times because they do have wi-fi!! I don’t usually go INSIDE in my pj’s….but ya just never know 🙂


  7. So with you!! Moved from SoCal to Seattle, spent 20 yrs there before settling again, in Phoenix area. Starbucks makes me crazy!! Hated being behind someone ordering coffee that had 5-10 flippin “ingredients”!! And who the hell wants to spend the day sitting there working?! In Seattle, Mommies wet there and sit and chat while their toddlers run amok . Coffee at McD’s works for me !!! You are cool because you do not sit at Starbucks!!


  8. I am always overwhelmed with ordering at Starbucks. I don’t know what half the stuff is, and can’t pronounce the other half. I feel like I lose IQ points just staring at the menu. I usually get a strawberry frappachino. If I’m feeling fancy I’ll ask for it made with soy milk (I know there must be some special way to request that, but I just say “made with soy milk”). My kids love the cake pops and I love the pecan tarts (which cost approximately $1 per each of its four bites).


    • Rosemary ~ I feel your pain!! I said I wanted a “Medium”….but there’s no Medium. Who came up with Grande, and whatever the others are called! And YES…at $1.50 per cake pop that’s about 50c per bite 🙂


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