You can’t MAKE me!

Just in case ya’ll think it’s all Sunshine, Rainbows, Unicorns and Barbies in our world, I wanted to share the conversation with me and Tater yesterday afternoon on the way to the store ~

Tater:  Can I play with your phone, Sasha

Me:  No, your color was changed in your planner for not listening, so you can’t play on my phone.

Tater:  Well, I’m not talking to you anymore.07-no-talking

Me:  ok

Tater:  I mean it, I’m not gonna answer you any more, even if you say something.  And I’m not gonna talk to you when we get home either.

Me:  ok

Tater:  I’m not gonna say anything else to you, cause that’s not fair.  And I’m not talking to you when we get to the store either.  I’m not gonna tell you an answer when you ask anything.

Me:  ok

Tater:  Really, Sasha, I’m not gonna talk to you any more today.  You can’t make me.

Me:  ok

Now…at this point, it’s important to know that I wanted to SCREAM “For the LOVE of all the tequila in the world, SHUT UP ALREADY”.  But I didn’t.  I kept it together, and almost chuckling on the last sentence, just kept saying “ok”.

Apparently, that was enough….and here’s how the story ends as we got out of the car at the store:

Me:  Get out of the car, but stay beside it, and I’ll come around to your side.

I take her hand and we walk into the store.

Tater:  I’m sorry.

Me: What are you sorry for?

Tater: ……not talking….

Head slap times 12……


Thanks for reading my blog ~ if you want to leave a comment, I promise I’ll read it and respond because I LOVE comments.  And if you really love it, share it with your friends and have a margarita while you’re reading the blog out loud.  At the bar.  With other people near by.  It’s even FUNNIER then!  🙂 Cheers!


  1. My grandson did this to me recently! So funny! And as I was reading through your blog, I came to the one about someone telling you that you were a bad parent. Seriously? Deleting her was not enough! A bitch slap would be better!


  2. Just got custody of my 2 Grand-daughters(5 & 7) less than 2 weeks ago. I think I’m gonna have to go back to the very beginning of your Tater stories to keep myself goin’ here!!! I know the only way we’re gonna ‘thrive’ in this situation rather than just ‘survive’ is to keep a solid sense of humor… overwhelmed at the moment, so a big THANK YOU SASHA for a much needed laugh. Know your efforts are definitely appreciated


    • Oh there are lots of days I only survive girl ~ I’m not gonna lie, some days it’s HARD. I’m old, and she’s got a LOT of energy! But we get thru and it is definitely ALWAYS interesting….and this time around, I know so much more and have totally different priorities and ways of dealing with things….and I KNOW not to sweat the small stuff…too much or too often 🙂 Cheers!


  3. Hey Sasha, do you remember the tv show Dinasaurs when the Momma would say….”Gotta Love Em”…. yep thats our kids and grand kids, and Tater just fit into that category! …I hear you about not thinking it was priceless at the time, and I would of thought the same thing, … Shut up Already!!! lol, you make me laugh and you also make me appreciate all the fun things in life! Love You To Pieces! Oh, one more thing, I really do NOT think their is such a word as “normal”! not here anyway!<3 again!


    • Kathleen ~ I don’t remember Dinosaurs..hmm, I’ll have to find it and check it out! But yes, gotta love ’em is what I keep saying ~ cause I really wanted to say SHUT UP! And Thank YOU for the love 🙂 Normal? Pshaw!


  4. Sasha your tater stories Always bring a smile and a chuckle to me….☺Keep up the good work..Love your blogs and page…Thank you!!🍸


    • Teresa ~ Thank YOU! Thanks for hanging out with me, for reading my blog and for leaving a comment or 12 ~ I sincerely appreciate it ~ Cheers girl!!


    • Jackie ~ Honestly, I laugh when I think about it, too….her little pouty face and crossed arms, trying to look mean when I looked in the mirror…and her NEVER shutting up ~ HA! Yep, kids….gotta love ’em!


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