Crumbs in my WHAT?

It was a busy morning at the Sasha house ~ I had a 8:30 meeting so I was rushing around (BTW ~ I really don’t know HOW ya’ll do that every stinkin’ day and I have absolutely NO memory of doing the very same thing 30 years ago the 1st time around-damn!).  I dropped Tater off at school, then rushed through the drive-thru, grabbing my large iced tea and biscuit.  I ate on the way to my appointment, finishing just before I got there.  I checked my teeth, replied lipstick, wiped my hands with a baby wipe and hopped out of the car, file folder in hand.

My meeting was with 2 people, a man and a woman.  All went well ~ I was prepared, wow’d their socks off and felt REALLY good about the possibility of a new client.  I DID notice the man staring at my chest a few times, but hey ~ the girls are big and I had on a v-neck (not a really low-cut v-neck but when the girls are big, ANY v-neck shows a little cleavage).

We stood, shook hands and I asked if I could use the restroom (it was in a business, I would never ask someone in their home ~ just FYI for all ya’ll going “oooohh, someone you don’t know using your bathroom????”).  When you are using your car as an office, you never pass a bathroom without checking it out ~ hell, at almost 50, I LOOK for bathrooms to use….just something all you youngin’s have to look forward to.

Anywho, I use the bathroom, wash my hands, check my hair and happen to glance at my FULL self in the mirror ~ where I notice a very nice size piece of biscuit firmly lodged in my cleavage.

Now, instead of feeling slightly flattered that the man MIGHT have been checking me out, I think he was just hungry….for a biscuit.  Dammit.

Breakfast for 2...
Breakfast for 2…


  1. Too funny! I always notice snot on my sleeve. I work part-time and stay home with my kids the rest of the day, so it happens all the time. I’ll feed them lunch, change into my work clothes, and then take them to the sitter’s. Inevitably, I’ll get to work and notice dried, crusty snot on my shoulder from when one of my kids gave me a good-bye hug at the sitter’s. Most of my co-workers have been there, done that, so they kind of think it’s cute. Or at least, cute that it’s happening to me and NOT to them anymore. 🙂


    • Shay – I KNOW what you mean! I told someone I had “3-year-old snot” on my jacket….they thought I was such a slob for leaving snot on my jacket for 3 years….. 🙂


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