Sasha’s Shop is OPEN!

I love stuff.  And I love tequila, rum, margaritas, clothes, shot glasses, flasks….well, you get the idea.

So, I decided to open a little ‘shop’ to sell a few of my favorite things and if you could see me now (THANK GAWD you can’t), you’d see me doing a little happy dance because I have everything pretty much ready to go.

Check out the “Sasha’s Shop” tab and click on the link to the store.  I’ll be adding more items and having fun creating new shirts and cups, so check back often ~ and by the way….Thanks for stopping by every time I put my crazy thoughts to paper screen.  (Old school, sometimes I forget there isn’t even ANY paper anywhere!)

Whiskey all pink, with flower

Thanks for your comments.  I love hearing from you and always do my best to respond.  Thanks for sharing my blog ~ make someone else smile and send it to them.  Or at least, make them thankful they aren’t me.  Or if they wanna go get a margarita or something.  Hell,  let’s all go get a margarita!  🙂

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