Liquor Night?

Last night was McDonald’s Night for Tater’s School ~ the school gets a little bit of money for every Happy Meal purchased between 5 pm and 8 pm and all the teachers are there to chat, and make you feel good about your McDonald’s meal.  Remember, it’s a very small school, so this is do-able.

As I talked to other parents and friends, I noticed only kids were eating (and us…cause we don’t know ‘THE RULES”).  There were Happy Meals all around, but I only saw a stray cheeseburger or fish filet wrapper crumpled up, tucked under the napkins, discarded like the embarrassing uncle you don’t tell anyone about.

Boy, do I have a Marketing-Fund Raising Plan for them!

Now ya’ll know I’m a fan of Mickey D’s and have eaten there at least once or a hundred times, so this isn’t a fast food/McDonalds/poor-food-choice bashing…, this is economics, pure and simple.

They need to have a Rum and Tequila Night for the School!!

LMH-USED - Rum and Tequila night

Think about it:  A local restaurant donates money for each drink purchased on Friday night that contains rum or tequila.  Brilliant!!!  I bet they could supply paper to the school for an entire year and I wouldn’t have to sell a single container of cookie dough or one roll of wrapping paper.  I’m thinking we’ll hit our donation limit EARLY in the year ~ and Have Mercy!!  If they did this once a month, they could buy playground equipment, computers for every student AND new lunch room ladies.  (Oops..did I say that out loud????)

Wonder if the PTO wants me as an advisor……

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