Dust Bunnies Beware….

I killed a baby dust bunny today.  It skittered over my foot as I was vacuuming my hardwood floors, and naturally, thinking it was a new mutant ghost spider, I proceeded to stomp that bastard until it was dead.

But it floated up and over my leg and my Oreck vacuum like some flying ninja ghost spider and I ran, stomping all the way.  I may have had a harsh intake of breath and a little squeak may have escaped my lips, as I panicked and tried to figure out just how one would kill a new mutant ghost flying ninja spider and live to tell about it.

When I came back to the foyer, armed with a can of hairspray and the broom, there it lay….in all it’s glory.  A little baby dust bunny, really not hurting a soul.

So I vacuumed up that sucker, closed the bag and dumped the little bastard in the trash can ~ until next time, bunny…until next time.

This is EXACTLY what the little bastard looked like
This is EXACTLY what the little bastard looked like


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