Beware of Dog!

I have 2 bad-ass dogs.

Ok, I have a beagle and 1 bad-ass dog.

Ok, for anyone that doesn’t know my 60 pound boxer is really a lap dog that will lick your entire face at one time with his Texas sized tongue, then I have 1 bad-ass dog.  And a beagle.

But the boys do their job when someone drives up and thinks about getting out of the car, and that’s what counts.  The boxer will stand strong and even have the hair standing up on his back.

But they are both really big ol’ teddy bears of a dog ~ certainly to me, Mac and the Tater….and THAT’s what really counts, too.

Good thing the bad guys can’t see them when we’re around, or they might think they can come on in ~ and I can’t say for certain that the boys wouldn’t take them down or at least make a move on them.

I can say for certain that they are big old babies where the cat is concerned though….

This would be the boxer's pillow....
This would be the boxer’s pillow….


  1. Boxers are not particularly aggressive, but can be very protective, especially of children. Beagles are useless unless you have a violent rabbit problem. They might trip a burglar and lick him to death, Love both breeds,


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