Don’t be a Grinch cause he’s pretty ugly…

People!  What is it about Christmas that makes people act crazier than normal?  Traffic is crazy, lines are crazy, stores are crazy, people are crazy!  It’s amazing ~ it’s almost like Christmas is some kind of drug everyone takes on December 1st that makes them change into the Grinch.  Some of them are even ugly and green.

People ~ here’s a small clue….Christmas  is December 25th…EVERY YEAR!  Guess what?  Next December 25th?  Gonna be Christmas again. (Thank Gawd we finished up with that Mayan Calendar Crap and don’t have to worry about THAT!) It’s not like you didn’t KNOW Christmas was coming and you had to OH MY GOD run out this weekend and buy everything in the store (ok, we MIGHT have done a little of that, but I wasn’t yelling and shoving anyone…matter of fact, we were laughing our asses off being goofy..probably pissed someone off who was trying to be the Grinch, but OH WELL!).


So, this year may I make a suggestion?  Chill. Out.

Here’s the deal ~ making dinner?  If you only have a Green Bean Casserole and Mashed Potatoes (in the South, those are Capitalized to show the importance), NO ONE is gonna complain because you didn’t have SWEET Potato Casserole, too.  And if they do, just smile and say, “oops, forgot”!

And that pie you bought instead of made from scratch?  Gonna be JUST fine…promise.  Use paper plates and plastic forks. Everything not handmade under your tree?  So what ~ it really IS the thought that counts.

So, enjoy the day, sit down, take a load off.  Listen to your kids laugh and watch them smile.  Listen to your  family…and anyone that is griping, swat ’em up side the head and tell them to stop their bitching and wait til December 26th to start again.  Watch the kids open presents and have another piece that pie.

Of course, if you’ll be needing a few margaritas or Whiskey and Diet Pepsi throughout the day, that’s ok, too ~ just take a deep breath, smile and say “Bless Your  Heart, I’m so glad you’re here”.

Merry Christmas to all and to ALL a Good Night!


  1. Heard that! Nobody REALLY cares that you made the pumpkin cupcakes from scratch but bought the cream cheese icing!! Trust me, we’re not judging you so stop telling us! *ahem* glad I got that out. Thanks for laying it out there for everybody!


  2. I love Christmas and usually get things done early. This year I did do some shopping with my daughter when she came home from college and we just enjoyed ourselves. The highlight of this was the super-happy woman behind me in check out with her adorable little daughter. We had the most pleasant conversation about my purchases, Christmas and her daughter’s lovely name (Laurel). I also took forever to take the kids out for their gift exchanges purchases.

    We take it easier on Christmas dinner than on Thanksgiving and do cheat on some dishes. After all, Christmas is about enjoying time with those we love, not about the food. There will be wine as we sit down to relax together after dinner.

    Merry Christmas!


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