It’s Time….

It’s time….

It’s time for me to get back to whatever we call normal in our life and move on from the tragedy in Connecticut.

But we will never forget or stop grieving in our own way, just like we never forget other tragedies in our lives, both those in the public eye and our own personal ones.  I have made a choice not to view the images, not to turn on the news and to stay away from all social media since this tragedy happened.  I didn’t need the images to flood my memories, I had the few stories I couldn’t escape in the early hours when all the information began to emerge.  I will remember the school staff that bravely stepped in front of a killer and lost their lives trying to fight to save the children.  I will remember my own fears because I have a 5-year-old kindergarten child and can’t imagine the horror those parents were feeling.

Because of that 5-year-old,  I just couldn’t watch the stories of the children.  I couldn’t look at their pictures, see the names, the ages, the hopes and dreams they had and lost.  I will never forget what happened, but I just couldn’t watch it, knowing it would haunt me for years.

But I must move on, for myself, for my family and loved ones.  Just like we all are doing because we are still here, still breathing and living and loving our children and hoping against everything we can hope against that this doesn’t happen again.

So I will go back to posting funny things that happen to me on my Facebook page, things that make me (and you) laugh when you see or read them…..wonderful pictures of drinks that make us want to enjoy life….and pictures that make you smile and want to share because you want others to smile and laugh, too.

I will return to whatever normal is ~ after 5 days of raw emotions and the slap of reality we have endured ~ and begin again to write new blogs, laugh with others, put Tater in time out and get mad over little things.

And ~ I will be just a little bit more thankful, a little more aware of my blessings, and a little more forgiving ~ because you simply do not know what lies ahead.

Carry on ~ because we must.



  1. i too have stopped listening to every news report that comes out. I heard the story, i know what happened, i don’t need or want to know all the ghorry details. i just can’t imagine what this town is dealing with.


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