What are YOU good at doing?

I really do love Christmas, especially since we have a young child in the house….it’s magical for her.  So, I’ll do the stuff I gotta do, get the tree, decorate, watch Rudolph 42 times in the next 2 weeks.  I even sorta enjoy buying all the presents for everyone ~ if I can find what I’m looking for pretty quickly and no one ticks me off in the store.  Just another reason online shopping is really the way to go for me.

However, for the ever-loving life of me, I CANNOT tie a bow.  Ok, I CAN tie a bow, but it’s really pitiful.  The Tater could tie a better bow and she just learned how last month.  I know, I know…I could use those ready-made bows you just peel the back off and have a sticky part that you slap on the gift.  Only mine are always somewhere I’m not and are crushed beyond use and look even more pitiful….and never match (I really like matching stuff).

Pitiful bow....
Pitiful bow….

But I’ve accepted the fact that I can’t tie a bow and moved on…..which made me think about other things I’m just not good at doing.  And, because I simply love a stupid list, I thought I’d list a few of the thing I’m just not too good at, but have accepted that fact and moved ON….

  • Tying bows
  • Frying chicken
  • Driving the speed limit
  • Cleaning house (Specifically dusting…HATE to dust)
  • Cleaning my truck (I toss the trash in the floorboard rather than litter)
  • Stopping my mouth when sarcasm bubbles to the top
  • Drinking straight tequila shots (but I keep trying and trying and trying….)
  • Wearing shoes
  • Making beds

There are so many more…..

And in the spirit of Christmas (and to make myself feel better after realizing there are lots of things I’m not really good at and didn’t list here), I thought I’d make a list of things I AM good at, and am not ashamed to admit…

  • Making the best pan of brownies from a mix (I ROCK those brownies)
  • Fixing my hair (it really does look good when I get around to it)
  • Making sweet tea
  • Reading bedtime stories with voices to match the story
  • Perfect Margarita Maker
  • Internet searching (I can find ANYTHING!)
  • Making people laugh
  • Not letting rude people off the hook

There are so many more….

Which is kinda cool, too ~ so, what about you?  Got a list of things you’re really good at?  Then list it, it’ll make you feel fabulous!

Now, I gotta go get ready, fix my hair and head to town ~ there’s stuff to buy and I want to get an early start before all the crazy people beat me to the stores!


  1. I also hate dusting. It’s tedious. I’m a great sweet tea maker. I also know I’m a damn good mother and grandmother.


  2. Hmm, the not good list is nearly dead on, except I can ties a bow and fry chicken. My ‘good’ list is much shorter than yours, and pretty much consists of pissing off people and giving free reign to my sarcastic streak. And apparently serving as a bad example is the one thing I rock!!!


  3. Wondering if you can help me by utilizing your skills of finding anything on the internet……? I’ve been trying to find the lyrics to a song I used to hear when I was little. Dallas Frazier sang it but I’m not sure who wrote it. The song is “Everybody Ought to Sing a Song” If you get a second in all the hustle and bustle of Christmas, I’d really appreciate it.


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