Let the Cards Begin!

UPDATE:   I finally got another Christmas Card today….it was beautifully handwritten and came in a thick cream colored envelope ~ a lovely card stock with a Christmas scene greeted me as I opened it up…..oh who, oh who, oh who sent me this beautiful card….

Our Attorney.


I hadn’t been to the Post Office Box for our mail in about a week, due to the whole damn family being sick as a dog ~ I didn’t think a Wal-Mart, Grocery Store or Best Buy ad was really worth it and any bills that showed up were gonna make me unhappy anyway, so what’s the Big Deal?  Of course, this time of year, there are 87 catalogs in my mailbox every day so it gets a little crowded in there….the Post Office ‘worker girls’ (as Tater calls them) always like to see me show up to clean it out every now and then.

I was tugging and pulling all the sales papers, the 87 catalogs, the few bills that still insist on coming in the mail and out pops a big white envelope, all fancy and stuff!

Oh my!  My first Christmas Card!! We don’t usually send any out and I so love seeing what other people send to me (and sometimes, I feel a little, teeny, tiny, ever-so-slightly guilty).  When I get home, I just toss them in a box on the mantle until after Christmas, when I throw them away. (Yep ~ I THROW THEM AWAY! I don’t keep them for the memories, I don’t keep them for the cover to use as gift tags next year, I don’t keep them to give to the daycare to reuse…nada, nothing ~ TRASH!)

I tossed all the Black Friday sales papers (since it was ‘something Tuesday’….what?  No Terrific Tuesday after Black Friday, Shop Small Saturday and Cyber Monday???), and several of the catalogs that we would NEVER shop from (seriously ~ where do these people get my name and address?).  I wanted to wait til I got in the car to savor MY FIRST CHRISTMAS CARD!  It must really be the season if one of my friends is so on top of it that they sent cards the week of Thanksgiving ~ WOW!  (Actually, I was really curious….my friends aren’t exactly THAT on top of it.)

I get in the car, and tear open the envelope ~ oh a beautiful card.  It’s heavy card stock, you know the kind that will hold your dinner plate, and has a beautiful picture of….



It’s a Thanksgiving Card from my Accountant.



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