Anyone got any skills I can borrow?

Apparently, people don’t need any work.  Or maybe they don’t need manual labor.  Maybe they’d prefer work where they are paid for doing nothing.

Now before everyone gets all hot and bothered and thinks this is some political rant, think again….

I’ve tried to get people to do a variety of work at my home and, while they come out and say, “Yep, we can do this…no problem!  We really want the work, we really will do a great job, and we really can’t wait to work for you and we will only charge you this amount…we’ll be here until the work is done and  you will love what we do and you won’t be sorry you hired us!!!”

They are lying.

I don’t understand.  I’ve hired 4 people to handle the outside ‘guy stuff’ while Mac is traveling so much ~ clean the gutters, fix a banister on the deck, repair a downspout…you know, the non-fun outside stuff that needs to be done.  Each time, they’ve come out gung-ho.  And then, left without completing the job, saying they were coming back or doing it so half-assed I didn’t want them to come back.


So, here’s what I’m thinking….lemme know if this sounds legit:

I am going to run an ad in the newspaper and interview potential handymen (or women…I’m certainly an equal-opportunity gal).

You know how you have to prove you have the skills to do any job you apply and interview for?  Well, the interview will consist of ACTUALLY doing the work.

And then after the interview, I will pay them an hourly rate for the ‘Skill Assessment’ they just performed.

And then I’ll tell them all to go home.

Work for you?  Gotta run ~ I suddenly have an ad to write…


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