Awesomeness ~ found it today!

Recently, I decided to change doctors, choosing ones much closer to home, since a job change doesn’t take me 20 miles away every day.  What a pain in the ass this has been…

In the last 5 weeks, I’ve visited 5 different doctors offices/medical facilities and have had care and people interaction that has run the gamut from fabulous to really , really stupid (remember the laptop power button…read that here and go to October 4).  God Bless the People that work in doctor’s offices because they have to deal with people all day long…..sick people, people in pain, people who don’t have a clue, people who are angry, ill, pissed off and feel pissed on.  So yeah…I really don’t want to work in the medical field.  (And occasionally they have to deal with me…that alone should get them hazard pay some days!)

Today I had an experience that puts all the others to shame ~ and before you gear up for a really funny story, this experience was quite possibly the best I’ve EVER had dealing with anything medical.  Yep ~ them’s big words for an old woman like me that’s had LOTS of stuff done.  (By the way, spell check didn’t recognize ‘them’s’….what’s this world coming to!!??!?!)

Loving my nurse today!

This woman I dealt with today was named Susan and she was kind, professional, polite, helpful and caring.  She talked TO me, not around me or over my head or away from me.  She told me she had been in the profession for 14 years so she’d take good care of me. SHE  WAS  PERFECT!

So, being the sweet, gentle, Southern Belle my mama raised (don’t say “Who are you talking about!”), I decided to go back to her supervisor and tell her how wonderful Susan was.

I walked up to the front desk and asked them who was over this department.  They told me her name and called to tell her a patient wanted to talk to her. Even these people were gracious…I could tell the supervisor wanted to know why I wanted to see her, but the person I was looking at didn’t give anything away…it was a subtle ‘mmmhmmm’ to let her know she had no idea.

Now, when Anita came to the door and looked out she had the proverbial ‘deer in the headlights’ look.  “OH MY GOD, why does this woman want to see me?” was written all over her face.  And I’m sure I’m quite scary in my floral skirt, pink top and big ol’ purse hanging on my arm.

I smiled, asked if she had just a minute and followed her into a conference room where she closed the door…still scared about what I had to say.

And then I told her how wonderful Susan was and the fear left her face ~ it was pretty neat.  I might even do that again.  Sooner rather than later.  Made me feel pretty good, too.

Now about those two pharmaceutical reps that pissed me off when I came in….that’s a whole ‘nuther story.


    • Jill, You’re welcome ~ although I’m thinking there’s a THANKS in there, too! And yes…it’s a shame we need a reminder but I’m going to do the same ~ no matter who the person or situation is. And it might take me an extra minute or 2 but the difference it makes for them (and, selfishly for me) is worth it! Carry on!


  1. This is one of the many reasons why I am in the healthcare field because of awesome patients like you! I wish more people would point out when they have had a fantastic experience. Great post sweets!


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