Oh to say what we mean ~ how sweet the words!

I posted a picture last week on my Facebook page and things went bat-shit crazy.  (Spell check thought batshit wasn’t a word, but offered ‘bat-shit’ as an option.  So, our English Language checker thinks it’s perfectly fine to use bat-shit as long as we use the correct punctuation!).

This picture was a sign for your front yard that had “No Soliciting” along with several other things you don’t need  written in big, bold letters.  Hell, I’ll just show you because a picture is worth at least a thousand words….



Love this?  Get it here.








The response was so overwhelming that it got me to thinking ~ and yes, that is a giant undertaking in itself.

Why was the response so great?  It’s because we want to tell people what we are truly thinking instead of being all warm and fuzzy like our mamas taught us to be.  So we don’t say what we’d really like to say.  But, OH WE THINK IT!

So I’d like to post the things we WANT to say to others, but good breeding, common sense and fear of a punch in the face keeps us from saying them out loud…at least most of the time.  Please feel free to comment with your own valuable things you WANT to say every stinkin’ day to someone, somewhere!

1.  Shut up.  Shut the Hell Up.

2.  Are you Stupid?

3.  What are you thinking?

4.  Why, for the love of Mark Harmon, did you do that?

5.  Shut up.  Shut the Hell Up.  (Sorry, did I repeat that….must be my BIGGIE!)

6.  Did you dress yourself today or were you out of Garanimals?

7.  Stop Whining.

8.  I can see you picking your nose.   (Thanks to Kim over at Let Me Start by Saying for that one…)

9.  Go Away.

10.  I really don’t care about (insert whatever right here!).

Oh there are so many more things I want to say…but I’ll be good and stop here. And the beauty of saying them here?  No one has a clue who I want to say these things to so I manage to stay out of trouble ~ at least for the next 10 minutes.

I love your comments, and promise to answer each one ~ lemme know what you want to say and we’ll compare notes later!  Maybe we’ll each have a margarita while we compare notes because everyone knows tequila makes you think MUCH better.  Cheers and Carry On!


  1. I vote for shut the hell up. I could say that at least 100 times a day.
    Really, I just really want to say You’re an idiot. Actually I want to say a different word, but I feel weird cussing on someone else’s post.


    • Ahhh, Shut the hell Up is so my favorite. Sometimes I want to scream it in their face and MAKE them listen, but that might be a tad too offensive 🙂 And there are SO many things we want to say, all the time-maybe one day. It’s why we say them in our heads, I guess! Thanks for sharing!


  2. I love your list, it is so good. Especially Shut Up! LOL. Here are some of my additions:

    1. Control your children!
    2. Brush your teeth.
    3. No I will not share my candy. (LOL I am a candy addict)
    4. Don’t wear hooker clothes to Wal-Mart, or anywhere but a strip club.
    5. Dress for your size…please. (I hate seeing skinny girls in huge baggy clothes and bigger girls in short shorts riding up their crack)
    6. Grow the F up!


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