You’ll never guess what I found at the Flea Market

Miles and miles and miles of “stuff”….other people’s junk they’re willing to sell.  Or maybe give away if the timing, the day, the moment is right.  This is the famous Hillsville Flea Market, held every Labor Day weekend.

They advertise over 500,000 people attend.  I’m sure I saw about 100,000 of them Saturday.  And Lawd, was it ever hot.  I was sweating in places even I don’t usually sweat and all the places I do.  I had sweat running down my back, between my boobs, on my face and under my hair (that’s the normal places) and was sticky and stinky by the time we got back to the car.   And I’m sure I walked at least 10 miles and am feeling it today….everything I got hurts.  But… sure was fun!

I want to share a few pictures with you because really, some things are just better said in pictures…..and some things I don’t quite know how to explain.

We found pretty cheap gas


We found Farm Animals

We found FABULOUS Yard Art that I really, really wanted but wasn’t willing to pay $500 for this incredible piece!

A Special-made goat (check out the words)

Do you know anyone that would wear this belt???   (PS  – I have no idea who the legs belong to!)

These are probably 2 of my all time favorite signs…..they should be hanging in my house and on the deck (guess which one goes where!)

And then there were these…, lace granny panties.  I have to tell you ~ there were also thongs…Tinkerbelle thongs… thongs….it was just.too.much.  You just can’t un-see some things so I wanted to share so ya’ll couldn’t un-see them either.

And finally, when we were leaving, the traffic was crazy with people in the road, kids running everywhere and police trying to watch what we were doing. I totally understand this guy…what better way to get around and find a really close parking spot!

Til next year!


  1. That looks incredible. I have to go! It would be dangerous for me and my hubby to go, we are both spenders, but man it would be a blast!


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