One small step for a girl, One GIANT step for Sasha

Well, it’s over.  The Tater is at school and all is well.

Yesterday was the 1st day, so we parked, got out of the car, walked to the room, did all the picture-taking stuff. You can SOOO tell which parents have kindergarten kids ~ there’s more cameras than on the red carpet…..Oh, let’s take a picture of her walking down the sidewalk.  OH, let’s take a picture of her sitting in her seat.  OHOHOH, let’s take a picture of her at the door to her room.  Oh, I KNOW! Let’s take a picture of her putting her backpack in the closet.

One Small Step…

Geez….and yes ~ I am guilty of Every.One.Of.Those!  God Bless her teacher, she said “Take all the pictures you want to take, this only happens once.”  Then she turned back and said, “Well, it’s only SUPPOSED to happen once.”   Lemme tell ya…this is only happening once!

So, this morning we have the pep talk about dropping her off at the sidewalk, a teacher opening the door to the car, she’ll hop out without a fuss, fit, or flailing arms.  She’ll walk to her room like a big girl and then she’ll have a GREAT DAY!! A GREAT DAY!! A GREAT DAY!!!!

All that went EXACTLY according to plan.  Except I couldn’t see her after she turned the corner to get to her room. I drove back around the school (no one seemed to think that was odd, I’m sure. “No I don’t have a child to drop off, I’m just checking…”)

I decided the only logical thing to do was call the school and make sure she got to her room.  The secretary chuckled as she put me on hold and then came back on the line to tell me she was in her room,  happily playing.  Whew.

I called Mac and when he answered, I said, “Well, that sure was difficult!” and proceeded to tell him the story.

When I finished he was laughing…..and said, “I thought when you said it was difficult you meant she wouldn’t get out of the car, wouldn’t let go, was crying and screaming and all that stuff.  But you mean that was DIFFICULT for YOU!”

I don’t think he’s funny at all.  Not one bit.  Nope, not at all.

I’m thinking she should ride the bus to school next week…..that way I’ll be able to SEE her get on the bus.  And I’m not gonna think about what happens when she gets off the bus and has to get to her room.

Nope, not gonna think about it at all.  Not one bit…..


  1. I get this post. I so get this post.

    My boy is heading off to high school next fall. Many high schools here begin in 8th grade. (It’s a stupid New Orleans thing.) And I’m not sure I’ll even be able to bring him as he will be MORTIFIED by the deafening, hysterical bawling of his mother.

    Be glad your little person is so well adjusted. And have a yummy snack that takes a long time to eat for her when she gets home every afternoon so you can sit down together and recount her little day.


  2. As a former schoolteacher, you brought back some funny memories of first days-and just between you and me- glad you made a good first impression on the secretary- she is the one in power and don’t you forget it!! You definitely want to remember her throughout the year on all those “Teacher Appreciation Days” because she is not at the bottom of the food chain- rather she is right up at the top…The secretary can get things done when no one else at the schoolhouse can! I am still laughing imagining Sasha riding around the school buidling unsure if Tater made it to her room or not!


  3. I sat in the car & bawled when my eldest started school. It is very hard to be without them all day after you’ve been with them 24/7 for the previous 5 years. It does get easier though 🙂


  4. On my oldest son’s first day of kindergarten (a few years ago), we actually followed the school bus and then watched him get off and walked him to the door. My husband thought I was nuts. I later just started driving him myself. LOL


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