Open House ain’t what it used to be….

Tonight is the Open House at Tater’s Kindergarten.  We’ll go and check out the teacher, her new friends, her desk and all the shapes, colors and numbers I can possibly stand.

It’s a small school, 200 kids in grades K-6 and her class will only have 20 kids. I’m  happy there are only 20 kids in her classroom ~ that means only 20 sets of parents to try not to piss off deal with as well.

The fun part will be my interaction with all the other parents, who are young enough to be my children.  I know this because at orientation, they were giving away a book to each child and we had to sign for the book AND LIST OUR DATE OF BIRTH.

I didn’t even ask why, because they couldn’t read my signature anyway and a date of birth is pretty anonymous.  HOWEVER, as I glanced over the other parent’s dates of birth, I realized just how much older I was than EVERYONE ELSE!  They had dates of birth from 1978 through 1990…imagine my surprise that not a single one was born in the 60’s.  GEEZUS!

I commented to the nice young girl young thing teacher that was taking the information that I was the OLDEST one there.  And, Bless her Heart, this is what she said:

“Oh no, I saw a grandmother right over there!  See, you’re not the oldest person here!”

As I turned to where she was pointing, my eyes watered, I became slightly woozy and maybe even faint…..because she was pointing at this sweet, VERY OLD (probably around 150), very gray, very stooped over, very fragile, very old lady.  Thanks so much for pointing out that I was actually younger than Grandma Moses!

While I wasn’t the oldest person at Orientation, I know I’ll be the oldest ‘Mom’ in The Tater’s Class.  There’s much more than a generation gap between me and them….there’s a Knowledge Gap (I not only know about the Space Shuttle Challenger Crash, I remember it happening), a Drinking Gap (I’m betting NOT A SINGLE PARENT has tasted as many different brands of tequila, rum and whiskey, nor know the effects of each!), a Style Gap (this is an entire generation that has no idea what it was like to want to wear torn t-shirts draped over one shoulder and have thin enough legs to wear tights and nothing else just like Jennifer Beals in Flashdance) and a Parenting Gap (since I have CHILDREN their age, I TRULY know what it’s like when I say “Been There, Done That”).

I really wanted to have those collar bones….

So, this will be interesting.  The hardest part will be trying to keep my opinions to myself. I know you find this hard to believe, but I am a little sometimes often opinionated about things I hold near and dear to my heart.  And let me tell you, The Tater is near and dear to my heart.

I’ll let you know if I piss anyone off tonight ~ I’ll know for sure if someone says, “Well, Bless Your Heart”…..


  1. Yes I know how ya feel! I’m older than my daughter’s 1st grade teacher, scary! And yes I was born in the late 60’s. Your blog is hilarious by the way, can wait to read whats next…


  2. got asked at work once…lou you have had children ..yes…why…… i replied…… well she asked at..what age do a baby open its eyes and looks at you….it was her first baby..i should add…… once i stopped laughing i replied you are having a baby not a puppy..the baby will see you straight away..


  3. I know how you feel…I am 46yrs old and my youngest is 11yrs old. I see all kinds of young parents….I let my hair go gray….I can them Angel High Lights….LOL…My older son is 24yr old ..I have been around the block….I laugh to myself when I see young parents…..I like to say….Just wait until they are teenagers… and see how many gray hairs you will get then…..LOL


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