Will that be Cash or Credit?

Ya’ll know I’m a Redneck ~ that’s no secret.  And I love all things Southern.  After all, I’m a Redneck, Southern Girl.

So those Redneck Wine Glasses?  Yeah, I think they’re damn cute ~ or at least I did the first 857 times I saw them!  I even made some of them for gifts and my friends and family pretended to like them.

So when I see people at Craft Fairs, Festivals and Stores carrying these around, I think: “Glad some crafty people are making a little money”.  Then I think: “Wow, the people buying them sure are a basket full of crazy if they’re spending lots of money on these!”.

See, I think it’s great that people make things and sell them ~ I’ve made and sold things a few times myself so I’m all for the American Dream.  What amazes me is the cost…..only $14.95 for ONE!

What a deal for $14.95!!!

Now, I’m all for free enterprise and everything ~ you charge WHATEVER people will pay!  But all those Wanna-Be RedNeck People that are Buying these…..have they ever BEEN to WalMart and seen the cost of a dozen Pint Jars?  I think not…..cause you can get a dozen of these jars for $9.24!!!

$9.24 for 12…..that would be 77c EACH!

Then the little candle holder?  Yep, $1 at the Dollar Store.

So, they cost less than $2.00 to make.  Now, I understand the time, energy and effort it takes to make those beautiful Red Neck Wine Glasses, but REALLY!  $14.95 for ONE!

So…..that Redneck that’s making and selling these to the Wanna-Be Rednecks? Pretty damn smart if you ask me!


  1. Ahhh… so clever you are! Those are the funniest, tackiest things I have ever seen. I can name about 14 of my closest relatives that are probably dying to have some, too!

    Found you on the blog hop! Glad I stopped in!


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