It’s 2012???

Saturday, Mac and I had the day to ourselves….what to do, what to do?

Little did I know Mac had it all planned out and I didn’t even have to think about What To Do!   Man, I should have had to think about it…and had a little input….

We went to a Farmer’s Market.  Mac loves to cook with all those fresh veggies and I like to pretend I know what they all are.

But we didn’t go to the Farmer’s Market  a mere 10 miles from our house with a new structure enclosing the Market and lots of local produce, beautiful flowers and a Tavern right next door. (Dayam….that’s convenient!)

Nope. We drove 80 miles to a Farmer’s Market because a NC Farmer that raises beef would be there.  Mac is a BIG BEEF EATER, and chooses to eat his red meat…red.  I try not to look at his plate while he’s doing this because I don’t eat red meat but we deal with it.

One thing happened at the Very-Far-Away Farmer’s Market that just blew my little tiny mind….and I really want to share it with you, cause I’m all nice like that.

We were in the GET YOUR NC GROWN BEEF HERE line and Mac says, “I forgot to get cash,” cause we don’t see that beautiful little sign anywhere that says, “MC/VISA Welcomed Here”.  Damn.

Lucky for us, a very pregnant lady told us there was a ‘sorta ATM’ at the front of the Market.  I wasn’t sure what a Sorta ATM was, but I was really interested in finding out.  Did they give out Sorta Money?  Sorta.

We went to the table at the front of the market and found a lovely lady.  We told her we needed the ATM. She pointed to her little magic machine and asked how much money we needed.  About $45.  Shit ~ that’s a lot of Red Meat.

So she takes the Credit Card, swipes it and counts out….wait for it…..9 WOODEN TOKENS.

Yes, folks, we were using wooden tokens as currency!  I was simply amazed…..what year is it again?  2012?  Yep, that’s what I thought, too. But this Farmer’s Market uses Wooden Tokens for currency.  Very convenient, until I came home with a $5 Wooden Token that Wal-Mart simply isn’t interested in for currency.  Who Knew!!!

And get this….it has 21st Century right on the token, so THEY know it’s 2012, too!

Can’t wait to go back….now WHERE did I put that damn token….

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