Prodigy in the making….Look out Atari!

As a kid, I played I-Spy when my parents dragged me around all day in the car running errands or on long trips.  I even read or sang (my parents preferred I read….have you HEARD me sing?  It’s ugly!).

The Tater has a Mobigo, an iPad, an iPod and an I-hop (not really, I just made that up cause I can never remember pad/pod/phone, and surely if you have all those other “i” thingys, you should have an I-Hop – Right??).

But I committed a huge sin and forgot to charge the iPad yesterday, so it was dead about half way through our adventures (and Adventures they are!  6 stops in the heat with a cranky, tired 5-year-old ~ yeah, I’d call that adventurous….or stupid.).  She asked to play with my phone.

Sure, I don’t want to talk to anybody anyway and she can answer it when it rings, although that’s not always a good thing when it’s a client…..she whispers when she answers.  Most of the time, she’s whispering, “Sasha, I answered the phone for you”.  Be sure and say that in your whisper voice so you can get the full effect. But I digress….

So she’s playing Brick Breaker on my Crackberry because I’m too dumb to get a Smart phone and I hear her little fingers back there just moving those keys.

She says, “Sasha – I WON!”

I’m thinking – wow, that was pretty quick, good job getting through level 1!

Now her fingers are working the keys again and there’s major concentration on her little face as I glance in the mirror.

“Sasha – I WON AGAIN” she screams.  I almost wrecked, but YEAH!

So now, I’m thinking “Damn, she’s pretty good at this!”

“Sasha – I lost” she says with that little turned down lip.

“No worries, just play again ~ you can play as much as you want to until we get home.”

So here we go again ~ and AGAIN, she screams she WON the 1st two levels and is on Level 3!  Hell, half the time I can’t get to Level 3 and here she is doing it twice in mere minutes!

I’m thinking, “Holy Shit Atari!  Call Pac-Man!  Call XBox! Call Bill Gates!  I’ve got a damn prodigy on my hands and she’s gonna take over the gaming world as a 5 Year Old!  WOWOWOWOW!”

She plays all the way home and the moment the garage door is closed, I’m out of the car and tell her to show me again how good she can play Brick Breaker.

She does it again.

Only I forgot one teeny, tiny little thing.

She’s 5.  She can’t read.

And the words “Try Again” appear on my phone……


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