Sedation Everything? Oh yeah!

I saw it on the way home.  A huge beacon telling me I might have found a way to visit a dentist that doesn’t include hyperventilating and breaking out in a 2-hour long sweat.  Let’s be clear ~ I’d rather poke my eyeballs out with a rusty fork than go to the dentist.  So when I saw this sign, this beacon, I had only one thought:  Holy Shit!  This will work!

The secret?  Sedation Dentistry!

She looks like she’s taking a nap! Oh wait! She is!!!

But then, I began to think about all the other things that would work great if we had Sedation during them…just think of the possibilities:

  1. Sedation Meetings:  You could go to the dreaded meeting that steals hours from your life and instead of drooling in the back and getting noticed when you snore, you could hit the “Sedation Button” and just drift off into la-la land.  Maybe we’d better have different levels of sedation….you’d need to be able to respond with at least a “yep” if called upon.
  2. Sedation Wal-Mart Trip:  This one we all need.  You might even need it just to drive in the parking lot.  Because really, just getting a parking place drives my blood pressure up ~ never mind actually going in the store!  Yep, get inside, hit the Sedation Button and shop, save and never get pissed off.  Now THAT’S what I call smart shopping!  Of course, you’d still need to be able to see the “People of Wal-Mart” so you could capture that pic on your phone….
  3. Sedation Sex:  Cause, you know, sometimes you just need Sedation Sex.
  4. Sedation Holidays:  Holidays just ain’t what they’re cracked up to be ~ lots of relatives, in-laws and out-laws, unruly children (yours and others), too much food, stress ramped up to eyebrow level, and no schedule.  So wouldn’t a Sedation Button just be perfect for holidays?  Wow, you might even get through a major holiday sober….but I haven’t thought of a good reason for that just yet….
  5. Sedation Exercise:  Perhaps my favorite!  Just think ~ You could go to the gym, hit the Sedation Button, get on the treadmill and walk FOR MILES!  How cool would that be.  You’d wake up and be skinny ~ wahoo!  I think I like that one!  Hell, I might even run!

So, this sedation thing?  Oh hell yeah, I’m IN.

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